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Chapter One

Marriage And Today

Defining Marriage For The Current Generation

What Is Marriage?

Jennifer always dreamt about her ideal man. Tall, handsome, kind… these were the qualities she always had in mind when thinking about her future partner.

Of course, she knew she had to be practical. We seldom get what we want, after all. A presentable and loving man would be alright, for as long as he would take care of her and for as long as he would always have the patience and understanding to work out the differences they would encounter.

She was still in college when she met Paul. At 19, Jennifer was in her sophomore year, taking up AB Marketing. Paul was 27, and he was the teacher’s assistant, and since the professor was almost, always absent, attending a seminar or two in other states, Paul delivered the lectures in class most of the time.

He always had his eyes on Jennifer. And she took notice as well.

A few exchanged looks led to some lunches together. And lunches became dinner dates. And they got to know each other better. Soon enough, they were going out on a regular basis.

There was a problem to their budding relationship, however. School policies prohibit teacher-student affairs, and that extends to teacher assistants. Much as how happy they felt during the first few months of their togetherness, they had to keep it a secret. They had to pretend that they were just casual friends whenever prying eyes were looking at them.

But the yearning of the heart is a wild beast that is often difficult to repress. A few months after they officially – albeit in secret – became a couple, Jennifer got pregnant.

They talked about the situation, and decided to get married. They wanted to give their child a great future, and they believed that such necessitated a complete family environment for their child’s formative years.

Jennifer left school before she could enroll for her third year. Paul left his job and decided to venture into real estate instead, with some borrowings from his siblings.

Jennifer gave birth to a baby boy whom they named Marcelo. He was such a bundle of joy and the couple never regretted their decision to get married. Immediately after work, Paul would go straight home to be with their child. He was there when Marcelo first opened his eyes. He was there when Marcelo spoke his first word. He was there when Marcelo took his first step.

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