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Table Of Contents

> Introduction
> The Good and The Bad of Search Engine Optimization
> The Good and The Bad of Pay-Per-Click Advertising
> An Alternative: “Paying” for a “Free” Method?
> So, Why Forums?
> How To Create a High-Converting Offer
> How To Create An Effective Signature File
> How To Post For Maximum Effect
> Why It’s Better To Target Competitive Niches
> How To Find The GOOD Forums in Your Market
> How To Find The People Who Will Do The “Dirty Work” For You
> How To Outsource Forum Posting
> Examples of Bids You May Get And How To Evaluate Them
> How To Deal With Your Workers
> How To Track Your Workers’ Performance
> How To Scale Everything Up (More Posters, PPC)
> Another Creative Idea
> Summary and Quick-Start Guide
> Profit Big With This Guide

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>> Introduction

Whether you just want to earn some extra change to have a more comfortable life or you want to be a total capitalist pig, the methods in this manual can help you immensely.

Many times we talk about “building a business” – but building a business is not for everyone.

For one, it requires a ton of focus and training.

In this guide you will learn how to get the ball rolling and start making money online ASAP in a risk-free way. And, if you play your cards right (and I’ll show you how) you can also “build a business”.

You will notice that this guide is not hundreds of pages long – and there’s a reason for that. I wonder how “simple” a system really is if it takes someone hundreds and hundreds of pages to explain it to you.

Most Search Engine Optimization or Pay-Per-Click advertising guides are too long. That’s because there’s a HUGE learning curve with these techniques. The “Traffic Hybrid System” doesn’t require any technical knowledge or hundreds of hours of setting it up.

I want you to go through the guide, taking notes when needed.

Then, just follow the quick steps (I have included a summary and a quick-start guide towards the end of this guide) – and start making some money.

I have actually done most of the work for you. I have included text you can copy and paste so that you get others to do the work for you.

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