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What Are Affiliate Programs?

Welcome to the wide world of affiliate marketing!

So, what is an affiliate and what does he or she do?

The affiliate marketer acts as a “middle man” between merchant and consumer, but without adding anything to the consumer’s cost.

Affiliates do not mark up or resell products.

Instead, the affiliate educates and directs the consumer to a product, and they receive a percentage of the sale in commission from the merchant.

The affiliate acts as an independent lead generator for the merchant by bringing in new customers.

This is a win-win situation for both the affiliate and the merchant.

The affiliate can reap a full-time income marketing a whole suite of products that he does not own. They don’t pay for product creation, don’t have to ship anything and don’t deal with customer service issues or returns.

The merchant benefits from the influx of new customers, the boatloads of cheap traffic and low cost advertising. Merchants get their product and their brand in front of thousands of potential buyers without paying a dime until someone makes a purchase.

It is truly a pay for performance arrangement.

It’s also one of the toughest types of business to earn a significant income from. Competition is fierce and almost 95% of affiliates earn little or no income.

For the lucky few, the ones that know how to do it the rewards can be amazing. This course has been created to help you become one of the few and to perform at the very highest levels of Affiliate Marketing . . .

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