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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Stop Smoking Resolutions Basics
Chapter 2:
Learn From Past Attempts
Chapter 3:
Use All The Support You Can Get
Chapter 4:
Research And Decide If You Need Medication
Chapter 5:
Learn More About The Projecting Mindset
Chapter 6:
Reprogram Your Mind About Smoking
Chapter 7:
Use Healthy Snacks Instead Of A Cigarette
Chapter 8:
Make a Commitment To Yourself and Others
Chapter 9:
Use Affirmations To Stay On Course
Chapter 10:
The Benefits Of Maintaining Your Stop Smoking Resolution

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Chapter 3

Use All The Support You Can Get


As no man is an island, it is important that you get all kinds of support that you can get from other people around you. Through their assistance, it will become much easier for you to face this testing battle.

Let Others Help You

As was said, smoking cessation is never easy if you will be doing it all on your own. Make sure that you can get all the support that you can from other people around you. There are plenty of ways on how you can do this. For instance, you can tell the members of your family, your friends as well as colleagues that you have finally decided to quit smoking and that you require their support. Based on studies, it was shown that there is a higher chance for you to succeed with your smoking cessation goals when you have some help..

You can consider signing up for telephone, group or individual counseling. Counseling can double your chances of being successful. This can also help you in identifying and overcoming those situations which can make you feel the urge to light a cigarette. There are now free programs that are available in local health centers and hospitals. You can call the health department in your area for information regarding the programs being offered in your place. If you are from the United States, there is also free telephone counseling being offered.

You can also visit your healthcare provider, including doctor, dentist, pharmacist, nurse, psychologist, or a smoking cessation counselor or coach, particularly if you would like consider the use of medications.
You can also combine quit counseling with the use of prescription or over the counter medications. It is a combination that can work much better compared to either method when used alone.

It is important that you get the assistance of the people around you because without them, you will surely never be able to win this battle. Through their help, things will be less difficult for you and the challenge will not be as difficult as it seemed to be in the first place.

Chapter 4

Research And Decide If You Need Medication


One of the methods that you can use to successfully quit smoking is through the use of medication. However, it is important that you conduct your own research first before you settle for any particular medicine.

Medicines and Other Treatments to Support Smoking Cessation

When used correctly, medicines will be able to help you to stop your smoking habit. The different nicotine replacement medicines have gradually decreasing nicotine doses that can help lessen irritability and headaches that you can experience when you choose to quit smoking. The non-nicotine prescription medicines will also be able to assist you in making your cravings for nicotine less severe.

Your nurse or doctor can also assist you in deciding if such medicines can be of help to you. Also, your doctor can decide if results will be better for you if you will use both non-nicotine and nicotine replacement medicines.

Once you get to talk to your healthcare provider, make sure that you inquire about the right ways of using the medicine. Based on studies, there are a lot of smokers who fail to use their medicines properly. If you will not be using these medicines in the right way, it will never work well enough for you. Your medicine’s information sheet will tell you exactly the right way of using the medicine.

Nicotine Replacement Medicine

These medicines cannot be used if you continue to smoke or use some other tobacco items. Combined nicotine usage can be harmful so you need to completely quit smoking prior to starting the use of nicotine replacement medicine. Usually, the treatment lasts from 2 to 3 months. Although you can always purchase these products with no prescription, consult your doctor first regarding the most suitable medicine for you.

Nicotine Patch – A prescription from your doctor is not needed to purchase nicotine patch. These patches usually have varied strengths. There are brands that come in 5, 10 or15mg strengths and there are also those that have 7, 14 or 21mg strengths. Make sure that you read the product package to know the strength that you have to use, based on your smoking amount.

Nicotine Lozenges or Chewing Gum – Nicotine gum has already helped a lot of people who want to stop smoking for 2 decades now. The lozenges or gums can be purchased in drugstores with no prescription. Go through the instructions and observe correct use of the lozenges or gum.

Nicotine Spray – To purchase this spray, you need your doctor’s prescription.

Nicotine Inhaler –This is a kind of mist or vapor that you will breathe to your mouth and upper chest.

Non-Nicotine Prescription Medicines

A certain medicine meant for curing depression, Bupropion hydrochloride has been discovered to help people who want to quit smoking. It has several brand names although you can also get it in its generic form. One relatively new medication which can help smokers to quit their habit is Varenicline.

Make sure that you get some advice from your doctor to know which of these medicines will be able to assist you in your smoking cessation goal.

Chapter 5

Understand Nicotine Addiction


Nicotine addiction should not be taken for granted. Nicotine can cause harmful effects to your body so it is important that you curb your addiction to this substance at the soonest time possible.

What is Nicotine Addiction?

Nicotine can be found in all tobacco-containing products and unfortunately, developing addiction to this particular substance is very easy. The moment you start to smoke, which usually happens during mid or late teenage years, you will only have to light up several cigarettes within a couple of days before you start to build up your nicotine tolerance.

But why is it that nicotine is that addictive?

Just so you know, nicotine can help in releasing the chemicals which activate your brain’s reward pathway.

Once you continuously smoke cigarettes as well as other products that contain to tobacco, this reward pathway chemistry in your system also adjusts accordingly. Then, you become programmed to look for tobacco in order to satisfy your cravings for nicotine even if you are very much aware of the consequences that you will have to deal with if you continue to smoke and despite the want to stop smoking. The cravings that you have for lighting up a cigarette will remind you of topping up the levels of your nicotine intake in order for you to avoid the stress and discomfort that are commonly lined to symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. These symptoms of withdrawal usually start for only several hours after, the result of the quick workings of nicotine. If you will go without smoking a cigarette, it is common to feel symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, including strong cravings, trouble in concentrating, irritability, anxiety, restlessness, trouble in sleeping and low mood. If you are a smoker, you increase your nicotine levels through regularly smoking during the entire day and majority of smokers do this day after day.

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