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Dear Marketer,

You are about to learn the tools and resources I use every day in my business.

In many cases I will explain why I use them or why I refer them. You may find that some of them are not of the norm such as etc. If that is the case, I will explain why.

Also note that these ARE biased reviews. These are based on what I have found to work for my online business and truly feel that it can help you.

There will also be a few resources that I fully back yet may not use. If that is the case, I will let you know the reason. It may simply be for reasons that I have developed my own solutions; however, these resources are the ones I recommend on a daily basis to my friends, staff, clients and customers, caching students, and prospects.

Let me also state that many of the solutions are not free although many people will tell you that there are ways to get many of these items for free. In this case, I have found that the free services are not of the quality I was looking for and for the long term would simply not deliver what I require for a real business. I will however, do my best to also list places for you to get similar resources for free. Keep in mind, I strongly suggest going for the paid options in lieu of the free resources if your budget allows for it.

And finally, these resources are based on my preferences. For instance, I like MS Front Page and about half of the marketers prefer it as well. There will be heated discussions online all the time that tools such as Nvu or Dreamweaver are better. This really comes down to personal preferences and ease of use. There is no right or wrong here, only what works best for you in function and budget. I will do my best to give your not only what I prefer, but also what many of the other top marketers I know use.

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