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Images for Selling a Lifestyle

So how can an image provide value all on its own? There are actually a number of ways.

One way this can happen, is if your image is entertaining. That means it might be cute, funny or cool. Cute imagery works well for pictures of dogs, babies and cats.

Funny imagery can work well for memes and the like – which works very well for the likes of Buzzfeed. Short videos can also work well in this way for short cat videos, fails and the like.

But in terms of being ‘cool’ often the objective is to provide some kind of inspiration – to offer value proposition.

So, every brand should offer value in some way. Whether that is through products that help the audience, or whether it is through their content.

Either way, a brand should offer value and normally this means building toward some kind of goal or offering some incentive. For example, if you have a blog about making money online, then perhaps the goal is to be highly successful, to run a business, to wear a smart suit and to stand at the top of skyscrapers feeling powerful. Maybe the aim is to be like Eddie Mora at the end of Limitless.

Or maybe the aim is to being able to work from home, to enjoy coffee and cafes while you work undisturbed on your laptop and to travel the world to be free.

Same niche, different value proposition. Different target audience. Different brand and different dream.

But that ‘dream’ is the thing that you’re really selling and this is the thing that motivates and inspires your audience. If you can create an image that tells a story – a story of someone who is enjoying the life that the viewer wishes was theirs, then you can inspire that audience and simultaneously get them to be more interested in what you have to say.

This is a form of value but it is also a fantastic tool for persuasion and for getting people more excited for your brand and more interested in what you have to say in future.

You are selling a dream and a goal and this is something that people will be highly motivated by because it is emotional and it is something that they will find motivating.

Being able to do this is somewhat tricky of course because a lot of companies don’t have that emotional ‘hook’. It’s hard to sell a dream if you sell car insurance or if you offer consulting for B2B organizations.

One way around this is to offer something that people will find interesting that is tangentially related to the larger brand. This might mean, for example, that if you sell car insurance, you include lots of images of beautiful cars – or of families that look safe and happy inside of vehicles that are clearly designed to be family friendly.

Another option is to create a ‘personal brand’.

That means putting yourself front and center as an ambassador for your brand and it means as well that you attempt to live the lifestyle that you are promoting and encouraging. You become the embodiment of the dream and the message and that means you can then share images from your lifestyle.

It’s easy to find photo content for your fitness blog when you really do spend your days doing gruelling workouts or running along the beach in your yoga pants with your faithful pup.

Acquiring Images

Now that brings us to the tricky part: acquiring said images!

Now there are a number of ways you can do this.

The first and most obvious is to make those images yourself. That’s going to require a good camera and a good eye but with the right filters and the right effects, you’d be surprised how you can dress up an image to look better.

The real key is to understand composition and framing and this is something that is best learned from a book or a short course. This will be a highly worthwhile investment for your overall social campaign.

But quickly: try to think about the lighting in your shots. Try to think likewise about the background, the foreground and the mid ground. Think about how you can lead the eye where you want it to go. Think how lighting and angle can convey senses of motion, of scale or of dynamism.

And more importantly, think about what all this says about your subject. Try to tell a story. Photos that show a subject matter center in the frame are boring but if you include a few other elements or create a scene around that subject matter then you can tell the story – and stories are SEO for the human brain!

The other option is that you purchase the images. Here you have a few options, you can buy or download free from stock image sites. Alternatively, you can hire people to make the images for you, or you can repost.

Another tip is to try asking other creators if you can borrow their work in exchange for a credit. Most will be more than happy to let you do this.

The only real key tip that is really important is not to just buy a bunch of stock images cheaply and keep relying on them.

Avoid those generic and tired images that you’ve seen in countless posts before and more importantly still, avoid the images that don’t precisely match the subject and tone of your article.

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