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We are limited by our training

Your parents programmed you. A lot of your personal destiny has been set in stone by the people who raised you. It doesn’t matter whether you grew up in a traditional American nuclear family, or a variation of it. Whoever took care of you played a major role in setting the course of your life. This is a limitation on your conscious mind, because your conscious mind can process many other courses. It can process many other maps, but it’s stuck to the map that it first became aware of. Where’s the power there?

The conscious mind is bound by habit

It’s human nature to stick with what we know. We know that there are better things out there. There are better paths, but we are already familiar with our path. We are already comfortable with our programming, so we stick with it. We know we are capable of so much more, but because of the sheer force of habit, we stay on the course; we remain stuck.

The conscious mind is bound by reputation

Deep down inside, a lot of us live for other people’s validation. This is why we hang on to our programming. We know that it’s sub-optimal. We know that we could do better. We know that there are other forms of programming out there that may take us to a much higher level, but we stick to our programming because we want the people around us to approve. They stick to pretty much the same programming.

We’re going to stick out like a sore thumb if we choose another path. So because we want to go along, to get along, we stick with the tried and proven. Sadly, a lot of the time, the collective mindset that we seek to preserve, as far as our conscious mind goes, does us a big disservice. We could be soaring high. We could be going so much better, but we stick to tradition, custom, and social expectations.

The conscious mind is easily overruled by emotion

It is no surprise that a lot of shoppers in the United States buy product after product when they don’t really need it. In fact, the vast majority of commercial decisions in the United States and elsewhere are actually impulsive by nature. The reason for this is our conscious mind is easily overridden by emotion. We let our emotions get the better of us.

Instead of us responding to situations based on our highest values or priorities, we let our emotions take over and we feel helpless against it. So despite the fact that we know that we are going to be spending more money than we have, and we are going to regret it later on, we still go through with it.

Your conscious mind is your most powerful possession

Different people have different minds, and they have different lives. These differences all stand from the fact that they have different minds. Change your mind and you will end up with a different outcome. It is not easy, nor is it smooth, but changing your mind is the first step to fundamental change.

You conscious mind impacts how you edit your personal reality

Believe it or not, every single human being on this planet edits his/her own reality. Every single second, the outside world bombards you with thousands of stimuli. Thanks to your programming, you choose to become aware of only a tiny fraction of that stimuli. Thanks to your programming, you chose to remember only a tiny fraction of the stimuli you chose to perceive. Your mindset then kicks in and interprets what you chose to remember, and this can trigger an emotional state which leads to your saying and doing things that other people will notice. That’s how you change your reality and it all begins with your conscious mind tied into the mindset that you have.

Your Life is the Product of Your Mindset

It’s very easy to think of mindset as some sort of optional operating device. It’s very tempting to dismiss it as something that just plays in the background with no real effect on how your life turns out. The problem is this is so far from the truth that it’s funny. Your life is the product of your mindset. The way you look, the way you talk, who you hang out with, your values, what you strive for, everything. That’s how crucial your mindset is. Sadly, too many of us go about our day thinking that mindset doesn’t really matter. In fact, a lot of us carry on with the thinking that somehow, some way mindset is just one empty detail about us, not much different from having a favorite shirt color or preferring a certain haircut.

That’s too bad because if you take ownership of your mindset, you would quickly realize that you chose your mindset. It’s a choice. It’s like choosing between the Apple operating system and the Windows operating system.

We all pretty much have roughly the same type of hardware. We have two eyes, one nose, one head, two arms, you name it. However, the big difference between people is the mental software they choose to install. That is your mindset and it is chosen.

Going with this central and fundamental fact, nothing ultimately is an accident. It all begins with the mindset you chose. When you choose a certain mindset, you start viewing reality a different way. It may start out as a small difference but it can lead to a completely different place. You make totally different decisions. You feel different emotions about different things.

Sadly, too many people fail to realize this. They refuse to take ownership of this. Not surprisingly, their mindset often works against them instead of working for them. Instead of taking their lives to the next level and allowing them to live out their lives according to their fullest potential, they live small, defeated, and powerless lives. The worst part to all of this? They chose that existence.

Your conscious mind is often enslaved by your mindset

Your conscious mind is very powerful. Think of it like a powerful machine on a factory floor. But your mindset is the software that you install on that machine. Keep this in mind, because you can have the most powerful computer on the planet at your disposal, and program it to play only video games. Wouldn’t that be a waste? Well, guess what? People do it all the time.

You have an awesome biochemical computing machine called you mind, and you fill it with junk. Your mindset chooses only to look at the negative, the limited, the depressing, the pathetic, and your reality is the outcome. Is that a good use of that powerful reality-bending and editing machine? You decide; I think you know the answer.

Your often waste the power of your conscious mind

When was the last time you read a novel? When was the last time you analyzed a work of art? When was the last time you thought about your life, and came up with deep insights that changed the way you look at certain things that happened in your past, or things that you normally worry about regarding the future? If you’re like most people, the answer is once in a while or never.

Those activities are part of your conscious mind. Your conscious mind would love to do those, because those can help change your life. You can achieve tremendous breakthroughs. By reading novels, you can step into other people’s lives. And by doing so, makes sense of your own life, because we’re not all that different. A lot of the deep personal, philosophical, psychological, and spiritual issues discussed in the great literature of history resonate to your life, if you only choose to see it.

The connection is there, but most people don’t want to do that. They’d rather fill their minds with junk; I’m talking about Twitter, Facebook timeline, and believe me, Facebook can have a lot of vital information, but the problem is the way we use it. It’s like we are filling our minds with intellectual and mental chewing gum. It’s garbage in, garbage out. So you have this powerful machine called your conscious mind, and it’s stuck in neutral. The more it processes, the more it overheats, and the more stuck you feel. You feel overwhelmed. You feel burned out.

If you want to achieve a breakthrough, you have to rediscover your subconscious mind Everybody has a subconscious mind. It is one of the things that unite all humanity. The problem is most of us are unaware of it, and those who are aware of it, often go out of the way to deny it. They’re scared of it. They don’t want to take responsibility over it, and they struggle.

What is the subconscious mind?

It is very to understand the conscious mind, because we are aware of its operations. When we make judgment calls, when we make decisions, when we think about somebody, or we’re thinking about what to say while we are dealing with other people, our subconscious mind is at work. By the same toke, when we are reading something and we try to analyze what we just read, we can see our conscious mind at work. But the subconscious mind is harder to pin down. Here are some of its qualities.

Your subconscious mind involves your collective non-conscious memory

Remember earlier I said that every single second, the outside world is bombarding you with thousands of stimuli? Remember that I said that you choose to perceive only a tiny fraction of that, and of that fraction you choose to remember only a smaller fraction. That is willful remembrance, or willful memory. But there is a flip side to this; your subconscious is also picking up stuff, and it’s not bound by your conscious mind. It’s not bound by its biases, rules, or habits. It’s more random. It’s like a screenshot. There may be fuzzy details, but it’s still a screenshot. This can come in handy.

It is no surprise that some people, when they find themselves in a certain situation, they remember certain details of what happened in the past, and this can lead them to a decision that is different from what they would’ve normally arrived at if they were to have relied only on their conscious mind.

Your subconscious mind ties you to the rest of humanity

There is such a thing as a lizard brain. This is the part of your brain that first evolved. Please understand that the newest part of your brain is your cerebral cortex, the front part. This is the reasoning part. This is what people get all excited a bout because this is the seat of logic, reason, and judgment. This is where wisdom comes from. But for that part to evolve and mature, it has to be supported by another part of your brain.

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