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Chapter 1:
Be Crystal Clear

Chapter 2:
Be Approachable

Chapter 3:
Be Real

Chapter 4:
Act Like You Don’t Want It

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Among the simplest to implement yet most overlooked ways to get individuals to warm up to you and feel like you treasure them and wish to help them is to ask them easy questions. Everybody’s favorite subject is himself or herself so why not demonstrate some interest?

Ask questions and do things that call for some kind of interaction from your subscribers. It doesn’t very matter what you ask. You may ask questions that are totally unrelated to what your e-zine is about so long as you get individuals to respond.

Once you get them used to doing things you ask them to do, regardless what it is, it’s simple for them to keep doing things you ask them to do like purchase the products you recommend.

The more you may get your subscribers to communicate with you, the more they’ll feel like they know and may trust you.


A relationship (as far as a net e-zine or e-mail course goes) is nothing more than two individuals (you and each individual subscriber) knowing what their place is in relation to one another. You’re the supplier of helpful info and somebody who wishes to help your reader succeed at something. You must get that across.

Your subscriber is somebody who will learn to trust your advice and listen to your recommendations as you’ve built up a history of executing things that appear to benefit them more than they appear to benefit you. That doesn’t inevitably have to be real, as long as it appears like it’s the truth to your subscribers.

Remember, perception is the only reality that truly matters as far as they’re concerned.

The Net is a cold and distant place.

That’s really to your advantage as if you may consistently get across to your readers that you’re a real leader with true concerns (just like them) and you recognize what it’s like for them to be in the spot they’re in as you’ve been there, you won’t have any hassle getting individuals to warm up to you.

Individuals in general tend to like other people who look out for them as individuals consider themselves first. If it appears like another individual is looking out for them first then that person will automatically take an elevated position in their eyes. Put differently, when you’re composing, not every link in it has to be an affiliate link for a product you’ll get paid from. Understand this…Your subscribers are purchasing products and services all the time that aren’t putting cash in your pockets so it doesn’t hurt you at all to tell them about a product or service that you won’t make cash from. This sets you up to bring in cash when you do have something to recommend.

To set yourself up to make cash you have to give, give, give and then give some more. Now it’s crucial to note that I’m not stating that you have to give everything away.

Giving means to give of yourself. Share stories with your subscribers, point them to helpful resources and let them know about matters they likely haven’t discovered on their own. Put differently, provide your guidance. That’s what they signed up to your list for. Not for a bunch of ads they may find on their own.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t market products to your subscribers. You ought to. Just don’t club them over the head with your offers before they’ve gotten an opportunity to get a feel for you and if you’re somebody who’s looking out for their interests or just your own.

When you discover anything you think is valuable and think your readers will find useful too, pass it on to them even if you don’t get a commission from a product they purchase.

You don’t have to do that every single time you write something but do it and ask them for their opinions on what you wrote. Writing to your subscribers without caring about acquiring commissions for each product you mention is a small price to pay in the long run for the level of trust you urge. That trust is what will set you apart from 99.9% of the other publishers out there.

The bottom line is you are an individual and your subscribers are individuals. The Net for all its wonders lacks what many individuals crave the most, which is to connection with another human. The Net is faceless and impersonal. Utilize that to your advantage.

Be a true individual to your readers. Whenever you produce an information product do so with the intention of putting together something that will really help individuals do something specific. Help people accomplish a goal.

Once you become known as somebody who gives value, you’ll be perceived as somebody who likewise promotes useful products. If individuals feel that the info you impart is bad then they assume that anything you promote is bad too.

It’s all about the way you see things. Our actions dictate who we are and who individuals see us to be. Give, give, give and then give some more. Surprise them.

How do you feel about individuals who do things for you? Aren’t you more willing to do things for individuals who have already done things to benefit you? Naturally you are and if you truthfully ask yourself why you’ll come to the conclusion that it’s because you wish those individuals or that individual to continue to wish to do things for you in the future. That’s how e-zine publishing works. It’s a measured on reciprocation.

Once you give you to subscribers they’ll give to you if only to keep you in the mood to keep giving to them. If all you do is attempt to take from your readers you’ll start breed bitterness at your attempt to grab their hard earned cash at each chance you get.

Your readers purchasing from you is a direct result of your efforts to make them wish to keep you in business so you may continue to do things that benefit them. That’s essentially it. Individuals care about their needs above and beyond yours so attend to theirs first.


This rule demands you to be bold. It demands you to expect and accept the fact that some individuals are going to bluntly reject you. If you can’t deal with rejection, discover how to deal with it. Trust is a result of individuals seeing you as a real individual willing to share of yourself and not just a machine-driven cloned robot pushing out reprocessed articles and ads just like everybody else seems to do.


You have to compose in a way that it looks personal. Like an actual individual sat down and took the time to communicate. Every single one of your subscribers knows you’ve many subscribers but that doesn’t mean that you can’t write like only one person is reading. In point of fact, that’s what you have to accomplish.

Among the easiest ways I’ve discovered to learn how to do this is to view your database of readers and pick one to write your letter to. Merely one. Then write your e-mails in your e-mail client that’s addressed to simply that one subscriber.

It’s a bit intimidating, but you may likewise just imagine that you’re writing to one of your bigger competitors which forces you to put some true effort into the info you present. It kind of forces you to raise your game a little.

Regardless how many individuals you write to; only one person is reading your e-mail at a time so it’s crucial that it “sounds” like you’re writing to that person.

Personal stories help too as they help solidify that fact that you are a real person. There’s too much use of the word “we” online. If you’re the only individual running your business then who is “we”? If it’s merely you, say I or me when you compose.

There’s nothing wrong with that as again, anything that allows individuals to picture you having a one on one conversation with them goes a long way toward helping you establish a relationship with them.

Now here’s the thing…

I have to clear this up as I know it’s something that might confuse you. When I state put down personal stories I don’t mean you have to discuss personal things. It’s not essential to do that. What I mean is discuss something that isn’t about your net business or if it is about your business, accomplish it with your own words and personality.

The more personal you may get your e-zine to look, the more your readers will begin to respond to you. You see, you’ve been told to establish your list and send an e-zine and of course you ought to, but why should you? Do you understand why? Has anybody ever told you why?

The goal is to establish a relationship with like-minded individuals who look for guidance on the way to their goals. Your job is to assist them get to wherever they wish to go. All individuals care about is where they wish to go and if you may help them get there.

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