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Chapter 1: Behind Prayer

Chapter 2: Correct Prayer

Chapter 3: Using Your Whole Heart

Chapter 4: Self Fulfilling Prophecy

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Prayer is a staple of a lot of faiths. Individuals speak to God or to higher powers or forces and invite aid. Prayer in that form still works, as a lot of individuals will attest. However prayer in its purest configuration is nothing more than a centered visualization, using the Law of Attraction to manifest healing, assistance, counsel, or to affirm appreciation. Let’s consider the ways in which we may utilize prayer to manifest our wants.

Do It Right

When considering prayer specifically for the purpose of evidencing things, we’re discussing a centered sort of thought tinctured with emotion. When do most individuals pray? When there’s upheaval, fear, or other foul emotions that they wish relief from.

Individuals likewise pray when they get so enthralled with the thought of having something that they pray with excitement to receive their desire. In both cases, we’re seeing hyper-concentrated idea emotions being centered directly on the want, which is already emotionally charged up.

An individual praying in this manner becomes a really potent magnet indeed, and will typically succeed in drawing in their want.

Attempt engaging in such prayer, no matter your religious belief or deficiency thereof, whenever you discover yourself concerned, strained, angry, sad, or in a state of deep want over something.

By ceasing and literally centering your brain, you put a magnetic pole up to the cosmos, and start pulling your want for freedom from the tension, concern, or the accomplishment of your desire. The difference between the normal idea procedures and what I’m calling prayer here is a mighty intent.

Utilize your will, and instead of praying to a deity, you might simply state, “I intend that this come about” or “I’ll receive that”. The more emotional power behind the affirmation, the more potent it will be.

Each thought you have is similar to a prayer to the universe, so let me nail down the sort of prayer I’m discussing as hyper- centered thought. If you follow this prayer up with more visualization work, you’ll have even better success. The more power you place into the want, the quicker and better will be your success.

Group prayer is a potent power. When multiple individuals bring the might of their thoughts and emotions together, the Law of Attraction may really shine. With a lot of individuals working together to draw in the same thing, an enormous boost of energy goes into the idea form, and the universe hears this loud and clear.

Manifestations with a group may happen really swiftly indeed. The only hard part is seeing to it that everybody in the group is really working as a combined whole, and that no damaging thinking is being added to the kitty, which may decrease some of the group’s might.

So attempt to form a group of like-minded individuals. Pray for world peace. Pray for new automobiles. Pray for whatsoever you like!

Capitalize on group prayer and bring in a difference to your realities.

The work may be intimidating but the pay back will be huge.


In order to truly reap the benefits you must pray or use the law of attraction with your whole heart.


1. Pick out a word (a “hallowed” word or phrase) that represents your prayer intention. The centering of the prayer is to consent to deities’ presence and action inside your soul and in your life. Pick out a word or phrase that helps you remember that you’re accepting divinities work and authority in your life. For example, your hallowed word may be “Trust” or “Abba” or “Hope” or “God’s will be done” or “Acceptance.” My hallowed word is “Freedom.” The theme is to be open to what the higher power has in store.

2. Discover a comfy position and place to pray. Where may you pray comfortably for twenty minutes? Attempt not to pray in a place where you’ll doze off or be distracted. Shut your eyes and let go of everything occurring inside you – all your desires and yearnings and letdowns and heartaches. Be prepared for mis-directions, like images, beliefs, reflections, physical sensations, and unforeseen thoughts. You may consider utilizing aromatherapy in prayer.

3. Utilize your sacred word in your focusing prayer. Whatsoever thoughts or emotions come to you when you pray, lay your hallowed word over them. Focusing prayer is about quietening your mind and utilizing your sacred word to quiet your heart.

That’s, when damaging, distracting, or persistent thoughts or feelings pop up, repeat “Trust” or “Acceptance” till your brain is quietened once more, and you feel calm and centered on the higher power. To pray with your total heart, remain centered on your hallowed word or phrase: “Faith” or “God’s will be done.”

4. Be quiet for a few moments after your prayer. Taking 2 or 3 minutes to transition out of prayer will help you bring your “the higher power feelings” into your day-to-day life. Praying with your total heart like this may help you feel peaceful, fortunate, faithful, and able to accept whatsoever comes your way.


When you let negative messages occupy your beware, you’re producing self-fulfilling prophecies that will slow you down and turn success into failure. You respond to life based not on every situation you face, but on your percept of every situation. Your percept of conditions is produced in your mind. Are you an individual who tends to see things good or bad?

Bring What You Wish

Why does it truly matter? Negativity draws in negative things. Your life is fulfilling the anticipations you embrace. Will they be the damaging messages, or will you select to live out the favorable ones and be happy, successful, and free?

It’s an intentional determination to ignore or overwrite damaging messages, and a deliberate posture to take on life half full. It is not simple, but with power and a positive attitude, you may do it. The life you aspire to produce depends on it.

A self-fulfilling prophecy is where a belief (frequently false) is accepted as reality, and in saying it, becomes true. We’re all living out self-fulfilling prophecies, as whatever your perception of reality, whatever ideas you accept as true, will lead you. You draw in blackball things by centering on the negative– that’s part of the law of attraction.

Where do you discover the positive messages, and do you still hold on to the damaging ones? Observe the term is “self”-fulfilling prophecy. Whose prophecy are you truly fulfilling, are you believing fake messages about yourself and producing your own misery?

As a grownup, you’re responsible for the content that drives you. Are you around those who perpetually berate you? Tell them to quit. Do you accept statements from other people as real, or talk to yourself in a patronizing manner?

Confident individuals might more easily dismiss abrasive insults from those distant contacts, but when uttered from close family, it becomes even harder to keep from accepting them as reality. The hardest to fight of all is when you tell it to yourself. Are you your own worst critic?

Perhaps these sound familiar: you’re stupid, you’ll never amount to anything, you can’t come through, how may you have even thought you could succeed, you ought to have known better, why did you even try, what an embarrassment you are, you’re atrocious, useless, unintelligent, incompetent, and a failure. These cut deep wounds in your spirit, and it takes aim to replace them with favorable truths.

A favorable outlook makes the difference between a quitter and a success. The determined designate success and keep going in spite of obstacles. Successful individuals trust in themselves and their aspirations, and persevere. They dwell on favorable thoughts, and draw in the reality they believe.

If you’re determined, you discover a way to make it occur as you believe that you’ll be able to. If you trust that you can’t, you will not. There’s always a way. It might be hard, it might be different than you had in the first place planned, you might have to adapt to the unfamiliar, but if you’re centered and think positively, you may accomplish your goals. Do you trust it? Decide you can do it, and draw in success. You produce your dream future. Start now.

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