The Power Of Positive Thought In The Post Modern Age Plr Ebook

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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: The Power of Thoughts

Chapter 2: Views, Feelings and Success

Chapter 3: The Magnetic, Attracting Ability of the Mind And Creative Visualization

Chapter 4: Uneasy Mind And Peace Of Mind

Chapter 5: Inner Peace

Chapter 6: The Importance Of Concentration

Chapter 7: Self Control And Self Discipline

Chapter 8: Particular Incidents

Wrapping Up

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Chapter 5: Inner Peace


True serenity comes from the inside, and isn’t dependent on outside circumstances. Inner peace is a state, in which the brain becomes tranquil and calm, and ideas are contained and trained. Commonly, the mind is in a state of constant thinking. Ideas come and go every hour of the day.

A lot of these ideas pertain to insignificant issues or are negative ideas, concerns and frights. The mind continues asking questions, comparing, studying, remarking on everything, chattering and not allowing for any minute of rest. This situation is among the reasons for the lusting for inner serenity.

Yet, though there’s yearning for serenity, most individuals carry on letting uneasy thoughts and concerns to fill up their minds, thus holding inner peace back. True serenity comes from the inside, from the spirit. Only once your mind becomes calm you will be able to bask in inner peace. Only when you make serenity inside, within yourself, does true serenity come to life in your outside world. As a storm rages, the waves thrash a boat upwards and downward and from one wave to another.

Peace Within

Only if the storm and waves lay off, may the boat cruise smoothly. Thus, it’s with peace of mind. You go through it only after the winds and gales of the brain and thoughts chill out. If the inner reality is in serenity, then the outer conditions begin to reflect this inner serenity. Outer peace always follows inner serenity. A calm mind disperses serenity and impacts the circling surroundings. Anybody who comes in contact with a calm person, senses this serenity, and unconsciously replies and behaves accordingly.

What happens if you speak calmly with an individual who is aggravated, and who is speaking in a loud voice? Eventually he/she will lower his/her voice. What occurs if you keep calm and serene in situations that make others anxious or uneasy? They cool off a little as well, subconsciously simulating your peacefulness. These are just a couple of examples of the effect of inner serenity on the outside world. You are able to discover several more such examples. You are able to gain inner serenity through concentration, meditation, yoga and other methods.

The keys to inner serenity are the powers to settle down the mind, bring down its uneasiness, and to release it from the compulsion of ceaseless and uneasy thinking and worrying. If you work on your mind and emotions, you will be able to attain inner serenity, and therefore enjoy outer peace. It doesn’t matter what your outer circumstances are and what the situation is around you. If you work towards inner serenity, your life and conditions will alter to reflect your inner serenity. Experiences of Inner serenity are not as uncommon as you may believe, but these experiences are temporary. They take place when you’re engrossed in an occupying activity, like watching an interesting film, reading an article or observing a glorious landscape. They commonly last for a short time, until the mind becomes active once more. An example of temporary inner serenity is a vacation, typically when it’s away from home. After a day or two, you start to go through some sort of inner calmness and serenity. The mind’s feverish tendency to think is suppressed down, and the degree of concerns and continuous thinking drops. In this frame of mind, you feel more at ease and content, and you enjoy your vacation. By the way, have you observed that individuals, who are on vacation, are commonly more patient, neighborly and favorable to everybody? This is because their minds are calmer.

Temporary inner serenity is ok, just not enough. In order to have serenity more frequently and more deeply, and independently of outer circumstances, you need to undergo inner training. It’s possible to enjoy the same serenity and happiness that you’ve underwent on your vacations, even when working, carrying your obligations, at home or while with people. This state may be reached through sincere inner conditioning through concentration, meditation, yoga and other methods. Today there are so many chances for inner work. There are instructors, books, shops, classes, and of course the web.

There’s no deficiency of data and counseling; it’s you, who has to choose that inner and outer serenity is among your priorities, and start doing something to achieve it.

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