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THE NETTLE MAGAZINE NOVEMBER 2007 ________________________________1
Introduction ____________________________________________________3
EDITOR’S NOTE __________________________________________________4
Godfather Marketing – The Last Word in Back Scratching __________________5
THE NETTLE MAGAZINE RECOMMENDS…_______________________________10
Viral URL ___________________________________________________11
MOVIES & CASH ______________________________________________13
$50 – Cash Prize __________________________________________14
Win Die Hard 4.0 & Ocean’s Thirteen DVDs_____________________14
NOTABLE NEWS _________________________________________________15
The Next Internet Millionaire: Episodes 6-10___________________16
THE GENUINE ARTICLE ____________________________________________23
How to Create A Super Evangelist _______________________________24
Embedding Google Maps in your web pages _______________________26
Is Top Search Engine Result Page Ranking Enough? _________________27
SOMETHING FOR THE WEEKEND _______________________________________32
The Comebacks _________________________________________________35

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Godfather Marketing – The Last Word in Back Scratching

It’s a little geeky, but every now and again I like to stop and think about a common phrase or idiom that we use unthinkingly and find out where it came from. Most phrases can be traced back centuries and often the meaning is lost. Nevertheless, analysing a popular saying can often be instructive.

The phrase, “You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours” is well understood to be about reciprocation. You do me a favour and I’ll do you a favour in return.

But look closer.

What’s actually being communicated is a request for assistance, in exchange for some kind of payment or favour. In internet marketing, it’s called a Joint Venture.

Now I’m not going to waste your time with 1000 words on how to write a joint venture proposal. This subject is as old as Methusaleh (A Hebrew referred to in the old testament who is recorded to have lived to the age of 969).

Instead I’m going to examine a different kind of joint venture that cuts to the very heart of internet marketing.

Get this right, and joint ventures will become as easy as pie (originated in 19th century America – apparently pies are very easy to eat).

Back scratching, favours, reciprocation, whatever you want to call it is about returning favours. Socially, returning favours is important and so we usually grow up with a natural inclination to do so.

Someone does something for us and we do something in return.

Where it gets interesting is looking at why some trading of favours end after one exchange, but others cycle on indefinitely.

If you’re on the lookout for it, you’ll see examples of this everywhere. One of my favourites is in the opening scene of the movie “The Godfather”.

‘Bonasera’ asks the Godfather to help him obtain vengeance on two men who assaulted his daughter. The Godfather objects because, even though his wife is godmother to Bonasera’s only child, he never before sought his counsel, or even invited him to his home for a cup of coffee.

Distressed, Bonasera offers the Godfather money to perform this favour. The Godfather is offended by this suggestion, but eventually agrees to help in exchange for Bonasera’s ‘friendship’.

“Some day, and that day may never come, I’ll call upon you to do a service for me.”

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