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Table of Contents

Introduction 5
Why Do I Need a Membership Site? 5
What You’ll Learn 6
SECTION 1 membership site basics 7
Types of Membership Sites 7
What Problem Does Your Site Solve? 7
How Often To Add Content 8
Pricing and Perception 9
Locking and Releasing Content 10
Section 1 Takeaways 11
WordPress Rules, Dude! 13
Best WordPress Membership Plugins 14
The Right Model For You 15
What Are Your Goals 18
Roll Your Own 18
Additional Recommended WordPress Plugins 19
Section 2 Takeaways 20
section 3 – best practices 21
Build a Relationship 21
Retaining Members 21
Levels of Membership 22
Affiliates 23
Content Generation 24
Section 3 Takeaways 25
section 4 – mistakes to avoid 27
Not Collecting Email Addresses 27
Not Using Google Analytics 27
Poor Security 28
Not Changing Default Settings 29
Not Targeting Exact Keywords 29
No Backup 30
Slow Site 30
Content Not Shareable 31

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Why Do I Need a Membership Site?

Let’s back up a step and examine why you would want a membership site anyway. Membership sites are a great way to push out content to members, maintain private forms, build a community of followers and fans, and contact them with a mailing list.

They offer a variety of services that are used in a wide range of activities. Some people have membership programs to provide digital downloads. Others offer training videos. Others use membership sites to handle their support tickets and customer service. There are membership sites for e-commerce, collaboration and more.

As you can see, there is a range of reasons to employ a membership site and many people use all of these functions. They might use the membership site to offer digital downloads, send members an e-mail regularly, and offer different levels of support and offer training. The mix and match of what you offer depends on your needs and your goals.
What You’ll Learn

Here is what you’ll discover in this report. Section 1 covers membership site basics like how to choose your topic or niche. You’ll figure out what content to offer and how to deliver it to members. In addition, you will get an overview of different pricing models, and when you might want to use the different approaches.

Section 2 covers WordPress and why it is a great platform for your site. We’ll look at different ways to create a membership site using WordPress, from basic sites for simple use cases, to large sites using the most popular software plugins.

In Section 3, we review ‘ ‘ best practices ‘ ‘ for running and growing a membership site. You’ll get some of the latest trips, tricks and hints on how to find new members, bring them on board, and make them happy, repeat customers.

Section 4 warns you of mistakes to avoid. Like a Sherpa guiding mountain-climbers up Everest, I’ll alert you where the deep crevasses and deadly ice is located. Being aware of these pitfalls will put you ahead of the vast majority of your competition.

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