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Above The Fold – Above the fold refers to banner advertisements which aredisplayed at the top of a web page. In general terms, “above the fold” meanssomeone or something that goes above and beyond; in Internet marketing termsit means the advertisement is above the entire page, or is the first thing peoplesee when reaching the page.

Acquisition Cost – The price it costs a business to gain a new customer, client,or supplier. The acquisition cost is the average cost per new customer for abusiness.

Ad Copy – Writing that is specifically done for advertisements. The ad copy isoften another term for actual text within an ad. The better the ad copy, the morechances it will bring in sales.

Ad Rotation – When a web page shows a different ad at the top of the pageeach time it is viewed by a new person, or when the web page is refreshed.

Ad Tracking – A method used to check how many hits or clicks an ad receives,as well as the particular demographic that most people click on the ad. It is auseful tool for discovering where the most revenue comes from, and how tobetter personalize ads to reach more customers, and encourage more newcustomers via the ads published or produced.

Advertisers – Paying parties who want their company’s ad on another website.

Advertising Network – Business owners often work with other Internet businesses to agree to post their ads. This is known as an advertising network.You may notice a website selling electronics has another company’s ad on theirsite; this means they are part of an advertising network, working together.

AdWords – Google’s advertising pay per click program that is quickly becomingone of the most popular forms of ad affiliate plans on the web.

Affiliate – The person participating in any one company’s affiliate program.

Affiliate Program – A program where other people known as affiliates, agree toadvertise for the sponsor’s site. In return, they receive commission or residualpayment. This is also known as word of mouth advertising, but it is done througha network of affiliates who assist the website in getting the word out.

AIDA – Acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action; this is the motivatingfactor for advertisers and web businesses to get exposure.

Alexa – A lesser known search engine, Alexa has a free toolbar that allows usersto see traffic data and other important information, making it an excellentresource for those who utilize Internet marketing.

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