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Section I

JV’s in the real world are very different from the simple concepts or rules that work just once in a while. We prefer to get you closer to something that works nearly all of the time. To do this, we need to dive headfirst into some of the nuances of JV’s. This includes looking at the groups of people that you’re targeting for such deals, and assessing what they want.

After all, it’s blatantly obvious most people see a joint venture as offering high commissions to a list owner, and are taken aback when they’re turned down. We have to be smarter than that, and tailor each individual deal to the situation in hand if we want to get good at this.

In the following section we will be discussing:

• The concept of real joint venturing and specifically tailoring each joint venture to suit the needs of both yourself and your target through quick and easy research and deduction methods that can be put into action immediately.

• How to strike what deals and, with whom, when where and why with a view to increasing your chances of successful deals coming your way.

• How to solve two of the main problems that may occur when trying to score Jv’s early in your career.

• How to talk about the weight your own products hold through specific deals and how to enhance that product for maximum gain when bartering for a mutually beneficial deal.

• What initial mindset that I and many other experienced marketers, that I have spoken to, are in when a joint venture proposal comes through. To talk about why this happens and how you can avoid being one of the turned down cases.

• You will learn from real world examples to demonstrate how this simple deduction method will score you more joint ventures every time you put it to use.

• How Jv’s differ from standard product sales in that you can never give away too much to score an important deal.

The purpose of this section is to really push home the ideas around exactly how to joint venture, more specifically, the concept of developing ideas that will fit into your joint venturing with the right people at the right time. What you’ll also
discover, and start to understand, is the innovative and very fluid and changeable circumstances in which each joint venture occurs from person to person, and business to business.

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