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Ebook Table Of Contents

Welcome    3
What is Guerilla Marketing?    5
Why Use Guerilla Marketing?    6
Guerilla Marketing Methods, Tactics and Practices 7
Viral Marketing    7
Ambient Marketing    9
Buzz Marketing    11
Undercover Marketing    13
Astroturf Marketing    14
Alternative Marketing    15
Experiential Marketing    17
Tissue Pack Marketing    18
Free Trial Marketing    19
Body Marketing     20
Bluejack Marketing     21
Direct Mail Marketing    22
The Pros and Cons of Guerilla Marketing  23
Guerilla Marketing In The News    24
Related Publications and Links    27
Summary    27
In Closing    28

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‘The Guerilla Marketer Within – Proven and Powerful Guerilla Marketing Methods’. While this publication does get right to the down and dirty (and not always “right”) methods of Guerilla Marketing, but after reading this you’ll be a true Guerilla Marketer, which is a well rounded Marketer who uses Guerilla Marketing Methods.

In the process of becoming a Doctor you’ll learn the actual methods and operations of a Doctors Practice you won’t just be shown the way and let go. You’ll need your general college education, your medical school traning and you’ll need to learn how to diagnosis and treat patients.

With this release you’ll be getting the ‘medical school training’ for Guerilla Marketing which would be a general Guerilla Marketing background and overview and you’ll be learning how to ‘treat and diagnose patients’, in this case the patients would be whatever you are marketing and the treating and diagnosing part would be where you come up with the perfect GM campaign.

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