The Greased Slide Bucket Brigade Give Away Rights Ebook

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Table Of Contents

Introducing The Bucket Brigade – 4
Presenting The Problem (16 Phrases) – 5
Fueling The Fire (116 Phrases) – 6
Hammer The Point Home (25 Phrases) – 9
Presenting A Solution (6 Phrases) – 10
The “Guru Aura” (9 Phrases) – 11
Your All-Purpose Bread and Butter (8 Phrases) – 12
The Big, Fat List – 13
Finishing Up – 17

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Introducing The Bucket Brigade

Thank you for purchasing your copy of the “Bucket Brigade” special! In just a moment, you’ll discover the magic of the Greased Slide and the Bucket Brigade, two eye-opening concepts that will have your readers devouring (not skimming!) your copy, from top to bottom. (Meaning more sales for you, more money for you, and less work!)

So … What is this “Bucket Brigade?”

Here’s the scenario. A long, long time ago, before fire hydrants and water hoses were invented, the townspeople would gather and fight fires by passing buckets of water back and forth in a line of people. This early firefighting system was called “The Bucket Brigade.”

And now, the term “Bucket Brigade” has been adopted by many copywriters to describe the job of key “keep it going” phrases. These phrases are sprinkled throughout the copy, at the beginning of carefully chosen paragraphs, to grab the reader force him to keep on reading.

Lets face it. Your reader has many important things to do other than sit and read your sales letter. He has bills to pay, work to do, and a list of a million other things he has to do. That’s why once you’ve got his attention, you’ve got to keep him right here with you.

And that’s exactly what the “Bucket Brigade” does. Phrases like “Listen closely.” … “But more importantly,” … “The biggest missing link here is …” are all mini-headlines designed to grab your reader and suck him in like a ship to a whirlpool. Even in the last three paragraphs … “Here’s the scenario.” … “And now,” … “Lets face it.” are all examples of the Bucket Brigade in action.

What’s more, this powerful concept is, almost never talked about. This is the secret to writing copy that reads like a greased slide. Copy that has your reader get on at the top, ride all the way to the bottom, whip out his wallet and buy.

Now, before we get started, take a look over the last few paragraphs. Almost all of them started with a Bucket Brigade phrase. How did you feel reading it? Felt like a smooth ride, didn’t it?

So, without further ado, lets jump in!

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