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So where do I begin? As a child I was bullied a lot at school, mostly because I was short, and I was a bit of a bookworm. I never learned to stand up for myself until we left England to move to Norway when I was 13. I decided there and then, as young as I was, that things needed to change. I wasn’t going to be bullied any more and I was going to start enjoying life.

Norway was a beautiful country, and people were very friendly. They had an amazingly “child orientated” way of life, and bullying was almost unheard of.

My new life started out wonderfully. Even though it was a bit scary at first, all the positivity around me rubbed off on me and I grew up to be a very strong, confident and positive-minded young woman. Even after becoming a single parent to 3 lovely children, I was still extremely positive. It was like: So what if the relationship didn’t work out, I still had me, my children and my family. My health was great and I had very few worries.

Somehow, that all changed when I decided to move back to the UK so the children could be closer to their grandparents. We’d only been here for a short while when I met, and fell in love with someone. That in itself was strange enough, as I certainly wasn’t looking for anybody, and I’d been more than happy bringing up the children on my own.

Anyway, to make a long story short, the relationship had a lot of ups and downs, and I felt my confidence ebbing away, slowly but surely. By the time the relationship started getting violent, my self-esteem had gone. I was worthless.

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