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Table Of Contents


Chapter 1: Finding Time to Work Out

Chapter 2: What Is the Best Time to Work Out— Morning or Evening?

Chapter 3: Which Is the Best Way to Work Out?

Chapter 4: Workout Techniques for Busy People 1

Chapter 5: Workout Techniques for Busy People 2

Chapter 6: Workout Techniques for Busy People 3

Chapter 7: Workout Techniques for Busy People 4

Chapter 8: Tips to Make Workouts Interesting

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Chapter 8:

Tips to Make Workouts Interesting


Do you harbor the idea that workouts are boring? If you do, there is no shame in admitting it! There are scores of people who do so.

They do not exercise because they do not find it ‘fun’. However, that could be keeping you away from a very good thing, isn’t it?

Undeniably, we need exercise in our lives. In this chapter, we are going to talk about various ways in which you can do that, and add fun to the whole thing as well.

We are going to see several tips that can make your exercise workouts more interesting. Read on.

Tips to Make Workouts Interesting

No matter how long you have been regularly exercising, there usually comes a time in most people’s lives where they begin to get bored with the exercises they are doing. This is normal and there are some very effective ways to add spice to your workouts. Try these simple but effective ideas.

1. Change Your Exercise Routines Regularly

Do not allow yourself to get bored. This is preventative action and it is essential for your health that boredom does not stop you from continuing with exercise. Research and find free ideas online. There are many free podcasts and downloadable routines that you can put on to a personal device that will enable you to vary your at-home routines regularly. This has a double advantage in that it provides challenge to your body and works different muscle groups in different ways regularly.

2. Seek the Help of a Personal Trainer at the Gym or Privately

If you have never used a Trainer to help you exercise, consider booking a session or a series of sessions with a Trainer to seek help creating new programs. You can follow these programs independent of the Trainer, but this enables you to have expert help in setting yourself a challenge that is safe and will be effective. One size does not fit all when it comes to exercise routines and thought there are plenty of resources available free, for added benefit, the Trainer will provide you with a personalized approach helping you select the best exercise routines for your specific requirements.

3. Change Music on Your iPod Regularly and Think about Adding Audio Books

If you are finding it difficult to squeeze time in for your work outs, chances are you are also finding it a challenge to take time to read a book or watch your favorite television show. Audio Books and Pod casts are a great way to “read a novel” whilst you work out or catch up on the latest episode of a television show you missed that is available on podcast.

4. Look Outside the Box for Exercise Options

Gyms, home workouts and exercise DVDs are all great options for working out. However, there are so many ways to work out that combine socialization and fun with serious workouts. Consider dance lessons with a spouse, or join a kickboxing class. If you enjoy swimming, consider a water aerobics class. Remember back to your favorite child hood sport and look for a local sporting group that is looking for team members. This socializing aspect could be just what you need to increase the interest and fun in your workouts.

5. Join a Walking Group or Outdoor Hiking Group

Whether or not walking has been part of your regular exercise routine, consider joining a serious walking group or hiking group. Both of these activities will provide fun, challenge and difficulty to your walking walkouts. Why not join with your spouse and enjoy the workouts together.

6. Buy the Right Gear

This matters for a lot of people as well. When you are planning to start with an exercise program, go shopping. Buy a nice sweatshirt and a pair of gym shorts that you will find comfortable to work out in, and will enjoy to wear as well. Get a very nice pair of shoes, because these will really be necessary. Probably get a watch with a timer or an iPod if you do not have one already. Get a sipper where you can store water or other fluids to keep you hydrated when you are exercising. These things are good for you; they put you in the groove of exercising. Keep changing these things often too. Do that even if you are working out at home. The whole feeling of getting into your ‘workout’ clothes will mean a lot and it will make your workouts all the more exciting.

7. Go Out in the Mornings

If your workday mostly begins in the midmorning, then probably you are missing out on all the beautiful sights of the early morning. You don’t get to see how the world transform when night changes into day, when the sun is just rising. All this could be exciting for you. From tomorrow, plan a new routine. Set your alarm clock to wake you up early in the morning, before the sun rises, and head out into the park. You will feel a whole new energy surging within you. You will automatically exercise so much more. If you do this for a week, it will become a habit and you won’t want to break it.

8. Set a Goal

A lot of people work out much better if they have the right motivation. Maybe that is what is lacking with you as well. You may try to set a goal for yourself. It does not need to be a lofty incentive; something small and easily attainable can do. If you have excessive body weight, then maybe you could buy a pair of expensive jeans that is slightly smaller than what you wear right now. Buy the sexiest pair that you can get, and hang it prominently in your wardrobe. Every day, your motivation will be get into those jeans. You will work out harder just because of that—try this out if you do not believe it, and make sure you buy the most expensive pair of jeans you can find!—and very soon you will find that you are actually able to fit into those jeans!

Here is a tip you should know about. Psychologists speak about the extreme flexibility of our body as well as our mind. These are not rigid. We can tune them into different ways, into ways that we want them to behave. Especially, if we do something repeatedly, they are embossed into our mind and then that thing becomes a habit. We need to realize this tendency of our body and use it to build constructive habits in it all the time.

For example, if you go out for a jog early in the morning for a few days at a stretch, then it will soon become a habit that you will not be able to shake out of. This could become a habit for life, and you can see how constructive that habit could be. Maybe you need to plan your life out that way.

For most exercising habits, 3 weeks is ample time. If you do something repeatedly over a period of 3 weeks—or give it a month if you want to make sure—then you will be able to convert it into a habit, and then you won’t be able to break out of that habit!

Try it out… this is something that really needs to be tried out.

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