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Business Development

Welcome to my guide to help you to find the RIGHT third party business development program for you and your business.

Thank you for visiting my website and I am honoured to have your attention and a few moments of your time. I know that one-to-one business coaching is not for everybody – partly because it doesn’t suit their working style and partly because of the inevitable cost of qualified, highly experienced coaches.

I have been searching the small business advice market, looking at a wide range of different business development solutions.

I do it for three reasons:

1. I am a student of business – I know that there is always more to learn and I can always get better at what I do.

2. I want to check out my competitors.

3. I want to find a range of programs that fitted around what I can do. Part of my vision is that anyone who comes into contact with me or my websites, gains from the experience. The Internet is overwhelmed with “get rich quick” scams from cheap e-books to more extensive courses.

Through my business development knowledge (as a chartered accountant, MBA) and experience (now over 25 years of business experience backed up by continuous development and learning throughout that time) I believe that I can help you to find the best program for you. It’s About You

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