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Let’s put it this way, people who don’t feel stuck will do something about their situation. Somehow some way they will break out of that box and go somewhere else. Unfortunately, whatever you’re doing produces enough rewards to keep you there. This is not the best situation, and you know it, but you feel that everything else just takes too much effort so you feel stuck. The more you feel stuck,the less control over your life you think you have. This is not a great feeling to have.

Thankfully, there is one tried-and-proven method that will get you out of any mental box you will ever find yourself in. To take advantage of this method, click here.

What if I told you that the moment you blame other people, you hand them power over your life? I know that sounds like quite a big claim but it’s absolutely true. Think about this for a second. If somebody who you don’t control caused acertain problem in your life, what happens next?

Well, since they caused the problem then this means that they will also be the solution to the problem. They have the solution in their hands. This makes all the logical sense in the world. They broke it; they should repair it. No problem.

However, here’s the problem. You can’t control them. It’s bad enough trying to change yourself; can you imagine trying to change other people? Even worse, a lot of people blame circumstances of the past, circumstances oftheir birth, and other things that they can’t control for what’s going wrong in their lives.

If you find yourself always blaming others for whatever is wrong in your life, you might want to stop. You might want to realize what is truly going on. The moreyou do this, the more powerless you feel and become. Why? You keep handing them the ultimate responsibility for how you’re feeling and how or you’re coping.

I’m sorry to be the one to break this to you but the only person who can truly fix your life is you. Not your parents, not your abusive past, not your ex-boyfriend or girlfriend, not your mean boss. None of that! It’s you! Even if they caused the abuse. Even if they slapped you around, beat you down and crushed you. Even if they humiliated you.

You have to understand that you are still responding to what they did. You can control that response. One of the best ways to reassert this control and take ownership over your life again is to learn this simple technique. To learn one simple yet powerful, click here for more details.

Has this ever happened to you? You remember certain things from the past and you keep rehashing these dramatic events feeling that there’s really nothing you can do about them. Fast forward to today, do you see a lot of things going on in front of you that you are not happy with?

However, instead of stepping up and trying to change things or speaking up, you just sit back. It’s kind of like a movie. Your life is playing out right in front of you in a big screen. Unfortunately, you feel like you’re stuck to your seat and there’s really nothing you can do to influence what happens in the screen.

Come on, be honest. Is this how you feel about your life? Well, your life is not a movie. It’s not some sort of script being acted by other people. These are people you don’t know. These are people you can’t control.

No. Your life is a movie that you wrote, directed and produced. In fact, you are the main actor of your life’s movie.

Unfortunately, if you feel like you are just watching your life play out in front of you with absolutely no input on your part, you have abdicated your responsibility. You have simply given up on the fact that you have a big role to play in how your life plays out.

Just because you made a mistake inthe past or several mistakes doesn’t mean that you have to continue making those same mistakes in the future. It also doesn’t mean that you should just sit back and take whatever consequences flow from those mistakes. It doesn’t matter how bad things werein the past. You can still decide to turn things around today.

I know what you’re saying. In fact, I know exactly what you’re thinking. You’re saying that this is easier said than done. You’re absolutely right. What makes it difficult is the fact that you do not step up. It’s the fact that you automatically feel that you are trapped in your circumstances and there’s absolutely nothing you can do to change them.

This is a lie, and the first thing that you can choose to do is to say to yourself that my oldexcuses are lies. I am in control. I decide. I am in power over my life.

In the beginning it may seem like you’re just making sounds with your mouth. None of it is registering. None of it is sinking in. However, the more you repeat it and the more it makes sense, the more you start to believe. Sooner or later you start acting out on it and guess what? Your life changes.

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