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Table Tennis Mastery PLR Ebook Table Of Contents

Table of Contents    3
Introduction    5
Chapter 1:  Meet The Game Of Table Tennis    6
The Object Of The Sport    6
Where Did The Game Come From?    7
Why You Should Play    8
Chapter 2:  An Overview Of The Game Of Table Tennis    10
Equipment    11
The Match    13
Chapter 3:  Basic Concepts Of The Game    15
The Rules    15
Services Rules    17
Warnings And Faults    18
Additional Rules    19
Hitting The Ball    19
Chapter 4:  Scoring In Table Tennis    22
The Game’s On    24
Rules For Legal Serving    24
The Return    25
Chapter 5:  Table Tennis Grips And Spins:  What You Need To Know    27
Grips:  What’s That?    27
ShakeHand Grip    28
Penhold Grip    30
Table Tennis Spins    32
Creating A Spin    34
Creating A Spin    36
Chapter 6:  Strokes In Table Tennis    38
The Forehand Counterhit    38
Additional Strokes To Learn    40
Chapter 6: Playing Styles    42
Traditional Methods    43
Modern Methods    45
Two Wing Looper    47
The Two Wing Hitter    48
The One Wing Looper/One Wing Hitter    49
Penhold Pips Out Hitter    50
Conclusion    51

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Table tennis, which is also known as Ping Pong in more leisurely circles, is an intriguing game.  You may thing it is quite easy to play, but there are ins and outs of playing that can really define the player that you become.

This book is about preparing you to become a table tennis pro, as quickly as possible by teaching you the details that will make you a success.  Whether you plan to play for professional admiration or you plan to just enjoy a few games with your friends this weekend, learning these strategies and tips will help you to become a better player.

Take the time to gather your equipment and soon you’ll be wearing a grove in that paddle!  You will start at being a beginning and learning the basics of the game.  Later we will move into more challenging game play and allow you to learn some better strategy that will help you to win the game every time you play.


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