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Approaching The Decision To Divorce – Concerns And Considerations
Going Public With Your Divorce – Keeping Damages At A Minimum
Choosing The Right Divorce Lawyer – Begin With The Basics
Divorce And Property Division – The Legal And Civil Basics
Helping Children Cope With Divorce – Focus On Their Feelings
Delicate Divorce Matters – Supporting Your Family After The Divorce
Healing After Divorce – Walking Through The Stages
Parenting With Your Ex-Spouse – Put Your Feelings Aside And Be The Grownups
3 Areas Of Fitness After Divorce – Living As A Single Person Again
Checklist Basics – Gathering And Discussing Details For Divorce
Suggested Reading Before, During, And After Divorce

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Divorce is a painful process. From the moment you utter the word right through to the final signature, there is nothing pleasant about it. Even when divorce is the most reasonable decision to make, it can still get complicated, depressing, and downright ugly.

Most people do not prepare themselves adequately for the turmoil a divorce can cause. Yes, you can prepare yourself by gathering all the necessary papers to legally get a divorce through the courts in an orderly fashion. But the paperwork is just one step. Even before you start gathering paperwork, you must go through some very difficult times. Simply making the decision to divorce takes thoughtful examination of everything involved in the physical and emotional well-being of your family.

Once you’ve approached the subject of divorce, you still have to prepare yourself and your family for the next steps. Can you jump right to getting your paperwork together? Not yet.

What about telling your children? What will they need from you? How will ending your marriage affect their lives? How will you support yourself? How will you face your family and friends? How will you recover from the divorce yourself? How will you face your ex-spouse again when dealing with the kids? What if you have to pay child support? Will you ever get to see your kids again? Can your spouse take everything and leave you penniless?

Surviving a divorce takes more than just dividing up the furniture and bank accounts; it takes preparing yourself and your children for what’s to come.

Surviving a divorce takes guts.

In this report, we’ll give you an overview of what to expect, both legally and emotionally. We’ll give you a glimpse into what children need to know, and what they don’t need to know, when their parents divorce. We’ll also give you ideas for ways to come through the healing process after the divorce, for both you and your children. We’ll even remind you more than a few times to act like grownups during this whole process.

Yes, surviving divorce takes guts, but it also takes a good support system. Start by preparing yourself with the information in this report concerning all aspects of divorce, from the decision to the healing. You’ll find a helpful checklist to guide you through the paperwork with your attorney. We’ve also included a list of books by some of the best authors on the subject of divorce so you can delve even deeper into what you need to prepare yourself.

Remember – a divorce doesn’t begin with filing the petition and end with the final decree. Divorce involves much more than paperwork; it involves hard work.

I hope you’ll find the tools you need in this report to successfully walk through your divorce and heal from the process.

Approaching The Decision To Divorce – Concerns And Considerations

For most people, divorce is not a decision to be made lightly. It may be something that has been thought about for months, years, or even decades. With statistics as high as fifty percent of first-time marriages ending in divorce, we know many married people have crossed this unfortunate bridge. When making the decision to divorce, it is important to learn all you can about what to expect throughout the process.

In Tinsel Town, the word divorce is thrown around without meaning. The word may be easy to say out in La-La-Land, but the reality of it is something altogether different in the real world. Here are some serious considerations to think about before filing those papers:

• Financial ramifications – Divorce is not just about getting away from the other person. Legally divorcing your spouse is also about splitting your assets. If one spouse has brought more in way of financial assets to the marriage than the other, this can be a problem for the other spouse. Divorces often can go smoothly, right up until the money issue comes up. Spouses can get nasty really fast when money is involved. Although the law in most state supports marital equity in all things, including income and assets, there are times when the reality of the situation doesn’t pan out so well. Are you ready to fight for your right to the marital assets? And remember, along with marital assets comes marital liabilities. It’s hard to make a case for one without the other, so do some serious thinking in this matter.
• Issues concerning the children – When kids are involved, it means other lives are at stake in your decision. Your divorce is not just ‘your divorce.’ You have to think of it as your entire family’s divorce. Hard questions need to be asked such as who will care for the kids daily? Who will care for the kids when they’re sick? Which parent will be the primary caregiver? Which parent will provide insurance? Where will holidays be spent? Besides these questions about day-to-day living, you’ll have the really difficult questions to ask. How do the kids feel about the divorce? Do your children understand the concept of divorce? Are your kids angry about the divorce? Then, your kids will have their own questions to ask you; hard questions that you will have to answer.

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