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=> Types of Jobs You Can Do at Different Ages

Every state and area have their own rules about who can do a particular job at what age. Therefore, check in your area what is allowed and what is not allowed, but use this list as a guide for helping your teenager figure out what type of job that they would like to find for themselves.

* Babysitting – This is a time-honored profession among teenagers from 13 years of age and on up, depending on the rules in your area. Check with your local Red Cross for information about CPR training and babysitting training to set up your child for success. If you attend church, one way to start your teen with child care is to let them advertise in the church bullpen as a “mommy’s helper” for the summer.

* Car Washing and Detailing – This is an easy business to start that most teenagers can do, especially if they have their own car and can drive to the where the cars are easily. This service is often done on site where people work, but it can also be done in the neighborhood.

* Cleaning Service – Some teenagers like starting their own cleaning service. They might clean and organize a garage or storage shed, or they might do normal household chores like cleaning windows and mopping floors.

* Technical Services – If your teen is good with technology, they can start a computer repair service, or help other people with their needs. For example, if your teenager is good at editing video, they can start a video editing service.

* Pet Walking / Care – Another job that teens have performed for ages is pet care and pet walking. A teen can often find enough people right in their own neighborhood to pay them enough to save money and not have to work fast food.

* Yard Services – If your teen is older and strong enough to tote their lawn mower around, they can start a yard service business in their area. If you live in an area where yard work is a big deal in the summer months, this can really pay off.

* Fast Food – Most fast food places will hire teenagers as young as 14 if they have transportation to get there. This is a decent job that can teach your teen a lot of things since they often train kids and even promote them too.

* Grocery Stores – Many grocery stores will hire teenagers too at a young age to stock shelves, bag groceries, and perform various duties. It’s a good choice because there are opportunities for advancement, and some stores even offer college scholarships.

* Retail Stores – Most of the time to work in a mall you’ll have to be 18, but in some instances, the jobs might allow you to work there during the summer in the daylight hours. It depends on where you live. But working in retail stores is a great way to spend a summer as your teen will learn so much about what goes into sales.

* Parks and Recreation Services – Some local governments will hire teenagers to fill slots such as lifeguard, tour guide, caddy, and other positions. Check out the job listings early so that you can get your child to apply sooner rather than later. Certifications will be required.

* Movie Theatres – This is the classic teenage job. Working at a movie theater is a great way to learn a work ethic. Your teen will have to work nights and weekends most of the time so you should probably have a car and be able to drive at night.

* Tourist Attractions – If you have tourist attractions where you live, they will want to hire teenagers that are local to help. Check out these jobs early in the year as they will fill fast. These jobs are great for networking.

* Small Local Businesses – Some of the smaller local businesses will hire teenagers for office work and other types of work as long as it’s legal. They might not even have ads for openings, so ask around for these types of jobs.

In all honesty, the jobs a teenager can do are vast. Anything that is legal for the teenager to do and anything the teenager has a talent for doing is fine. It doesn’t matter if it’s at a fast food place or on a local farm – any teen job will teach them more about life than anything they can read in books.

=> Useful Skills for a Summertime Job

While most people who employ teenagers for summer jobs (and often their first job) expect to have to train the individual they hire (more than if they hired someone with experience), they still expect the teenager to have some skills. Let’s look at some of the more useful skills for a summertime job.

* Enthusiasm – When your teenager goes to a job interview and later to work for someone else, they must show that they really want the job and are happy to do the job. They should do the job with gusto and purpose regardless of how menial it is.

* Communication Skills – In this day of smartphones and online communication, it’s still important to know how to look someone in the eye and talk with them in a conversation. Practice with your teen conversing professionally so that they can go right into the interview, shake their hand, and converse. The employer will be more impressed by this one thing than any other skillset.

* Driving – If your teenager can drive, that will open more possibilities for jobs. They may want to deliver pizza, work as a nanny during the summer, or something else that requires that they either use their car at work or drive another vehicle at work.

* Technical Skills – Many teenagers have technical skills that rival older people around them. Therefore, many employers in small businesses like to hire teenagers with tech skills in the summertime. If your child is good with computers, software, graphic design or something technical, they can capitalize on that by applying for jobs in specific departments.

* Leadership – In a workplace with several teenagers, it can sometimes be tempting to goof off when the manager is not around. However, a teenager with leadership skills knows not to follow the crowd on this and will take charge even when their leader is not around.

* Book Smarts – If your child is a really good student and excels at some subject like math or science, they can be a tutor, and this can help them find great jobs working with kids and tutoring them. These jobs can pay 30 dollars an hour.

* Creativity – A creative teenager who knows how to paint, do artsy things, or build things is perfect for a more creative summer job like teaching painting, painting a house, or working on helping people reorganize their homes. It all depends on how the creativity manifests.

* Problem Solving – One really awesome thing about most teenagers today is that they are good problem solvers because they know how to use technology to look for solutions. They aren’t scared of computers or figuring things out.

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