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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Understanding the Motivation for Studying
Chapter 2:
Study More with Proper Time Management
Chapter 3:
How to Eliminate Distractions and Keep Focus
Chapter 4:
Getting More Rest, Not Lazy
Chapter 5:
Simple Ways to Stop Procrastination
Chapter 6:
Memorize Important Information for Better Results
Chapter 7:
Using Flash Cards for Accelerated Learning
Chapter 8:
Prioritize Your Studies and Retire Yourself from Too Many Social Activities
Chapter 9:
Form a Study Group, Not Group Gossiping
Chapter 10:
Studying With Mind Mapping Techniques

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Chapter 3: How to Eliminate Distractions and Keep Focus


“Whenever you want to achieve something, keep your eyes open, concentrate and make sure you know exactly what it is you want. No one can hit their target with their eyes closed.” – Paulo Coelho Maintaining interest in studying is something most students find hard to accomplish. If you are one of those students finding it hard to get interest studying, you should know that it is vital to get rid of distractions and stay focused. Know just how to do so in this chapter.

Destroy Distractions and Maintain Focus

When you are studying, you will feel that everything else may seem much more appealing, even simply staring at your wall. First off, have a firm thought that you are going to study hard and going to get good ratings. However, thinking about this is not enough to stay focused, as there are lots of distractions that might be surrounding you.

There are so many things you have in mind, especially as you sit down to study. The technique basically lies in preventing distractions efficiently and maintaining motivation in you to carry on studying.

How to Do It?

The roll of distractions might be endless and varied for everyone. But then, you can cope with them efficiently by employing a disciplined method along with some practical techniques as suggested by the following:

Choose a Comfortable and Quite Place – Study in a place in which you feel highly comfortable. For many people, a home can be the best choice, yet when there are lots of people in it, you can go anywhere else. A library can also be a great place for studying. While it normally has a study room, you can use it. Your own school campus may also have dedicated study rooms, use these facilities.

Put Distracting Things Away From You – Clear off your study table. Remove from your table the things you don’t need when studying. Mess around the study room may end up being a distraction. Seeing things, such as a bill, a photograph or any unrelated book might distract you. TV and other entertainment devices might have you tempted, so keep them away or keep away from them. Put your phone on silent or ideally out of your sight.

Set a Timetable and Stay With It – Set a timetable and switch between subjects which interest you and the ones that do not. Make yourself a target and at the end of each day, see if you get to attain it or not. Once you accomplish it, reward yourself. This should keep the motivation from flowing.

Take Some Breaks At Predetermined Intervals – It is vital to have some breaks, before you end up feeling saturated and loosing complete concentration. You can take at least 10 to 15 minutes break per hour or more, based on the level of your concentration. Taking breaks regularly are extremely beneficial in sustaining concentration. When you feel tired, you may wish to take longer breaks and return to studying once you feel prepared. You can also take small meals during the breaks.

Know When You Feel Very Alert – Studying at the time when you feel the sharpest can be your best option. During this time, you can set the hardest things to study. After you determine your body-clock, accordingly create a schedule and stay with it.

Get Rid Of The Entire Distractions Internally – Internal distractions may include emotional stress or incomplete work, which preoccupies your mind and doesn’t allow you to concentrate.

Aside from these tips, you may also want to get yourself surrounded with individuals who are truly hard working. Their sincerity may simply rub off on you.

Chapter 4: Getting More Rest, Not Lazy


“Inspiration is a guest that does not willingly visit the lazy.” – Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky

Laziness will not reap you any good. It is a desire to become idle, to resist effort and do nothing. It is the passivity state and of allowing things to stay as they are. This act may be good for getting rest after a long hour of work, but should be intolerable once done too much, especially when you have a lot of studies to work with.

Kill Laziness, Don’t Let Laziness Kill You

To be able to execute your tasks, work effectively, live your life to the fullest and attain success, you should learn how to prevail over laziness. It is your enemy that you should never tolerate.
So, how do you fight it off? The following should help you do so.

First thing you want to do is to break down your tasks into smaller ones. For instance, when you are studying, you can break down your tasks by tackling the hard ones first before the easier ones.

Take enough (but not too much) rest, sleep and perform enough exercise. This should be considered because laziness can sometimes result from lack of energy and tiredness. So, before you engage yourself in tough studying, make sure that you have enough energy to do what you need. In addition, you may also provide your body with some exercise and some fresh air.

Having lack of motivation might also result to laziness. So, make sure to have enough of it by considering the tips mentioned above.

Think about the benefits of working towards your goals. You may think of what you can get once you overcome your laziness. It may also serve as a good motivation.

Apart from the benefits, you may also think about the consequences once you continue with your laziness.

Perform one task at a time. Focus on conducting one task at a time. When you feel of having lots of things to do, it will only result you from feeling overwhelmed, allowing laziness to overcome you rather than overcoming it.

Learn from the success of others. If you see that your classmates excel in your class, why can’t you?

Killing your habit of laziness should be obtained through a sequence of regular activities and actions, once you choosing acting rather than staying passive. Each time you overcome laziness, you become stronger. Each time you choose acting, you boost your capability of winning, achieving goals and improving your life as a whole.

Chapter 5: Simple Ways to Stop Procrastination


“The sooner I fall behind, the more time I have to catch up.” – Anonymous

This excerpt from an unknown author means a lot to everyone. This is particularly true to the ones who are used to the habit of procrastination. What you can do today should be done today and must not put forth till tomorrow.

If you want to become successful at studying, you should make sure you do well with effective time management. Effective time management means no procrastination.

The following are easy to follow solutions that will surely produce you with some great results. You may wish to introduce them into your daily schedule and see what they can do.

Avoiding Procrastination is Your Way to Do Well in Studying

Plan – The first thing you should do is to make a plan to complete your job just on time. Set up your own time management plan. Managing your time can be your key to have an organized life.

Divide Your Task – Another good way to put an end to procrastination is to divide your tasks into small units. Accomplishing smaller jobs is practically easy as compared to doing the big ones. It should help you from shedding out the mental stress and accomplish your task in the much favorable way. The approach should help you in avoiding any delays with your studying opportunities.

Take Complete Control – A person may end procrastination through taking complete control of his activities. You may constantly remind yourself that you have to finish studying to get good grades and scores from your examinations.

Manage Some Positive Attitude – Always complement your life with positive attitudes. It is something that will guide you in everything you do. It is your positive outlook that keeps the anxiety and tension away. It should help you overcome your fears and look towards your responsibilities as they approach you. Focus your energy at the bright side and it will allow you to accomplish your task becoming successful in everything.

Nothing is very hard to handle if you only know how to organize your life. Set straight your priorities and manage your time in a productive way and expect that it will be easy for you to achieve things.

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