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There are many things that people are afraid of doing. Each time you think of one of your fears write it down on the list and then figure out ways you can take small steps to overcome these fears. When you get that first feeling that you have the courage to face your fears you will feel fantastic.

Never allow yourself to feel ashamed of your fears. These fears have been programmed into your subconscious mind probably over years and years of time.

The only thing you need to worry about is how to start facing them.

Keep a list of all the fears you want to face and everything you can do to overcome these fears. As you accomplish each one, you can check it off the list. Give yourself a reward for each one you achieve. The sooner you start to face your fears, the sooner you will develop courage which will in turn help build confidence to overcome shyness.

From Shy to Outgoing From Shy to Outgoing From Shy to Outgoing From Shy to Outgoing From Shy to Outgoing From Shy to Outgoing From Shy to Outgoing From Shy to Outgoing – Yes You Can Do It! Yes You Can Do It!Yes You Can Do It! Yes You Can Do It! Yes You Can Do It!

When we were children there are many things that we were shy about doing. Did your parents have you sing in front of other people? Did you feel shy and find yourself turning away from the people you were singing to? Your parents may have told you that was really cute and so you’ve used it throughout your life thinking it was cute. You may not have done it consciously, however it is possible that is still affecting your life.

When you feel shy as a child, many times it carries over into your teen years and then into adulthood. What you want to do now is try to figure out how to overcome this shyness. Overcoming shyness can be done one step at a time. Put yourself in situations where you need to talk to other people. Before you go, right down several different subjects you could talk about that would be interesting to people. Read through this several times and practice talking in front of the mirror. If you have something put together to talk about it will make it much easier to approach others.

Practice in front of the mirror pay attention to your body language. If you find yourself covering your mouth you laugh, wiggling your fingers together, or holding your head down, these are things you will want to work on. Practice making eye contact with yourself in the mirror while you talk about your subject you have written down. Try to keep your hands down to your sides so you won’t be tempted to cover your mouth when you speak. The more time you spend practicing in front of the mirror the easier it will be to start up an actual conversation.

Practice smiling in the mirror. Make sure that your smile does not look fake and that it comes from your heart. Check out your posture and make sure you are standing straight and look like you are confident when you are speaking.

Do this every day for a week or two. Once you feel confident, put yourself in a social situation and practice just smiling and saying hi to people as you pass them. Once you feel confident doing this, try starting up a conversation with somebody. Remember to use good eye contact. The best way to start this is to talk to somebody you’re almost positive you will never meet again. This way you can tell yourself even if I make a fool of myself, who cares, I will never see this person again. By developing this attitude it makes it much easier to approach them and speak confidently. Who knows you might just make a great friend.

Why not try taking a speech course. If you are in the course with other people who are also nervous speaking in public, it makes it much easier to socialize with them. The speech class will help you to become more confident when you speak and therefore make it easier to approach others. As you become more confident speaking to other people you will find your shyness slowly fading away.

Why Not Try a Bold New Look to Help You Overcome Shyness

If you are tired of looking the same old way, why not try new look. Many shy people dress the part. When you are shy, sometimes you wear clothes that are baggy and cover your body because you are uncomfortable showing your figure. You may have the same hairstyle you’ve had since you were a child because you are afraid of change. By giving yourself a new look; it will help you build confidence. Once you have a new fashionable outfit and you have cut your hair to the newest styles, you may be shocked when you look in the mirror. This will also be a good time to do some practicing in front of the mirror to build confidence for talking to other people. See if you notice a difference in your body language with your new look, then you did when you were doing it with your old look.

Do you feel like you are making more eye contact and feeling more secure in your conversation? It is surprising how just changing your looks can bring out a confidence you never knew you had.

Take some risks with your own new look. Look through magazines for clothing styles or hairstyles that you think would look great on you. Once you have packaged yourself different you will be surprised at how great you feel. If you are not sure what type of clothes look good on your body style why not hire a consultant or go to a store that has sales people that can help you pick the perfect outfits for your body type?

When you go to the hair salon look through all their hair magazines and choose several styles you think the look great on you. Then show them to the hair stylist and ask them their opinion on which one they feel would look best.

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