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Over the past few weeks and months you do not seem to be able to turn anywhere without someone extolling the virtues of Squidoo! This report is based on my practical experience of using Squidoo since mid 2006.

This report will assume that you have read up on the basics of Squidoo! You will already know how to create a basic lens by pulling modules together. If you haven’t got your head around that part yet then take a look at Squidoo The FAQs and also grab a copy of Seth Godin’s free ebook at Everyone Is An Expert!

But Stop Right there!

Now this is the Trainer in me and I hope you will play along with me! If you haven’t yet tried Squidoo go to Squidoo.com and join! Then click on create a lens! You see I am a great believer in practical learning. Play around with what you see when you have the lens creator open in front of you.

Try adding a module and deleting one! You can even try publishing because whatever sort of mess you make of it you can always delete it! In fact what I often suggest to people is that they create a lens with their own name as the Lens Name to start with. Not only is it another great way to get your name out there but it gives you a chance to see how the whole thing works.

Why Use Squidoo?

I guess that’s the most obvious question to start with! It also perhaps gives me a way of explaining a little about why I like it so much!

Let’s just recap on what Squidoo actually is! It’s a community of people who are building web pages, which they call lenses, in a diverse range of subjects. In fact the range of topics is incredibly diverse!

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