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Chapter 1:
Daily Stretching

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Weight Training

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Chapter 4:
Core Work

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Chapter 6:
Get Coordinated

Chapter 7:
Stay Motivated

Chapter 8:
Get Good Sleep

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For both athletes and non athletes, cardiovascular health is an important aspect of fitness. Cardiovascular exercises build endurance which allows you to compete for longer periods of time. The following are some tips to get a good cardio workout.

The Heart

There are a larger number or exercises you do to get a good cardio workout. These exercises improve the amount of oxygen your body absorbs, which is what it needs in order to perform daily tasks as well as compete. While doing cardio training you will also burn off calories and fight off risks for health issues such as heart disease.

Your heart rate is the number of times that your heart beats during a minute to pump your blood throughout your body. An average non athlete resting heart rate is usually somewhere between 60 to 100 beats per minute.

Athletes will have lower heart rates than non athletes with their heart rate being somewhere around 40 to 60 beats per minute. If you are trying to lower your heart rate, improving your cardiovascular health can be a great way to start.

You will need to know your current levels before you’ll be able to better your heart rate. Test your heart rate alone or with a partner to measure your active and resting heart rates. Find the pulse located on your arm or neck and place your hand there.

Begin counting the number of times your heart beats for one minute. After this run on a treadmill for a few minutes. Once you are done, find your pulse again and count the number of beats per minute. These two different numbers will represent your resting and active heart rates.

Participating in cardiovascular training will improve your heart rate. If you are trying to lower your heart rate then you would want to participate in an interval training workout plan. This is a form of training that requires exercising at both high and low intensity levels blended together. For instance, you could do a high intensity run on a treadmill for 5 minutes, then slow down to a slower speed like a jog for 3 minutes to enable you to catch your breath as well as prepare for the next intense run.

There are other exercises you are able to do as well to better your heart rate such as high repetition lifting, swimming, and biking.


The human body’s is able to function and complete everyday simple tasks thanks to its muscle system. Higher levels of strength as well as stamina and speed can be achieved through proper stamina core training. There are different exercises which enable you to target certain areas of the body or abilities which improve stamina and build your core muscles offering a large amount of benefits to athletes.

The Core

Different people will begin a new training routine for different reasons. One person may want to drop a few pounds while another wants to perform better in their sport. When training as an athlete Working on your core muscles will improve your physical looks as well as increase stamina.

Your muscle core is the group of muscles that create your midsection. Core exercises are designed to improve the muscles in this area. This muscle group is what allows you to move quickly and perform stop and go movements for sports. Crunches, hanging knee raises and side bridges are just a few exercises designed to target these core muscles. A big advantage is that a lot of these exercises can be done from the living room in your home, the most comfortable place you could possibly be.

Enhancing your stamina can aid you in becoming a better athlete or even to better complete daily tasks. Do exercises that improve stamina such as running, swimming and bike riding. They only need to be done a few times a week for a short period of time. As you feel yourself become adapted to the level of workout, raise the amount of time as well as the difficulty that you are training at.

When training you might also want to create an exercise regimen that will attack your core muscles as well as your endurance level. Circuit training is a great example of this, requiring you to move from station to station completing various exercises for set amounts of time. Since you must move to the next station you will always be doing something even in-between exercises.


When trying to improve your balance you may want to try some body balance exercises which improve your sense of balance. These exercises are common in older populations due to reductions in strength and proprioception levels (a sense of body awareness). These exercises are also very helpful to athletes who’s activities require a high sense of balance.


Importance: Certain types of exercises challenge balance.

Better balance can be achieved by doing body balance exercises which increase strength levels as well as improve proprioception. When exercising, you generally would want to put yourself in a difficult situation. For example, you might try standing on an uneven surface or maybe stand on just one foot.

Benefits for Older Generations:

Older generations can also benefit from participating in balance exercises in ways such as great greatly reducing the risk of a fall of accidental injury while trying to stop a fall.

Benefits for Athletes:

Athletes are able to greatly benefit from balance exercises in ways such as improving coordination as well as making them a more efficient player requiring less energy to move.

Necessary Equipment: There really is no equipment needed.

While there are other techniques for balance exercising that are more advanced such as free weights, trampolines or other gym equipment, there really is no need for it. In fact, exercising can be easily done in the privacy of your home. As a safety precaution some people may want to use a chair to aid in exercising to prevent injury.

Don’t stop there! Although these exercises are great for improving someone’s balance it’s important to participate in other exercises as well to stay in shape. Remember a healthy person is a happy person.

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