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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Introduction to Spartan’s Routine
Chapter 2:
Replacing Unhealthy Eating with Healthier Diet Routine
Chapter 3:
Alternate for Exercise
Chapter 4:
Stress Relief
Importance of Sleep and Tips for a Good Night Sleep
Chapter 6:
Exercise and Its Types
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2:

An Overview of the Fundamental Principles

“Replacing unhealthy eating with healthier diet routine”

In this chapter, I am going to tell you that you can easily modify your current unhealthy diet plan to a healthier one.

– Watch out for smaller portion sizes
– Look for deli-style fast food chain
– Order healthy sides in fast food
– Accompany your order with a salad
– Chicken is not always a healthy option
– Add a healthy element is your diet
– Some random preparation

An Overview

It is generally believed that getting up early in the morning and taking a good healthy breakfast is always good for health but then again, lots of things come up which can bother you.

Some people say that they have to sit throughout the day and in that kind of routine, it is almost impossible to maintain a healthy diet routine. Taking fast foods is almost an essential element because nothing else is easily available.

In office culture, most of the people eat junk and fast food extensively but even in eating that junk food, you can add some health. Fast food is lot developed these days and you can make it good for your health.

Watch Out for Smaller Portion Sizes

When you order your fast food then, try and order small portions or medium portions because there is a trend of ordering everything in large portion as most of the outlets will give you discounts on larger portions but as I mentioned that sitting all day in office does not need much of physical strength and you need lots less calories. You can try ordering children’s meals and you will find them quiet enough for your appetite.

Look for Deli-Style Fast Food Chain

You need to look for some deli style fast food chains because these fast food chains will allow you to order your meal, burger or sub with a total wheat bread or some other low fat elements which can be very handy and effective for you.

Order Healthy Sides in Fast Food

If you closely observe all the products and meals in big fast food restaurants then, you will see that almost all of these will provide you with healthy sides in fast food. Almost everything will be categorized in two types and one of them will be more greasy and fatty while the other will be lighter.

Accompany Your Order with A Salad

Always try to order a salad with your fast food order because fast food will provide you with more fats and calories but salad will compensate the amount of vitamins and fiber.

Chicken Is Not Always a Healthy Option

Most of the people take chicken as a safe and healthy food choice but this is not the case because most of the fast food chains provide fried breaded chicken with white bread which is lot more fatty. Grilled chicken is a better choice than that.

Add a Healthy Element Is Your Diet

You should make it your habit to add some healthy item as a bowl of salad, a piece of fruit, and some low fat yogurt in your diet. These items will keep your stomach almost full and you will feel less hungry and will avoid any temptation.

Some Random Preparation

Along with above mentioned things, there are some other things which you can always do and these things are very easy to implement too. You can keep some healthy snacks and some bottled water in your car and take one or two of those snacks before hitting the road. This will keep you away from many fast food outlets. Consider your super market as your fast food chain and go there and get some low fat yogurt, some fruit and even some super markets will also give you prepared items like sushi and others.

All of the above mentioned things are part of a very healthy diet routine and even if you do not have time and you always remain busy in your work, then these are the tips and tactics which can make your diet plan a very healthy one. In start, you will find it very difficult to get rid of those fried, cheesy and delicious things but with time when you will notice the difference in your health then, you will get used to it and to achieve long terms benefits, consistency is the key.

Chapter 3:

Alternate for Exercise

In this chapter, I will tell you about some alternatives if you do not have time to exercise.

– Include sports in your routine
– Take your kids to walk
– Get into some house routine
– Take stairs instead of elevator
– Some free style work out
– Take outdoor breaks while working in office
– Get up 20-30 minutes early

Something Different

Life is very tough these days and especially if you have burden of whole your family and you are the only one to earn then, the burden increases even more and work routine becomes very hectic. Most of such people cannot find time for their exercise and this leads them to have some health problems in long run. There are some alternate methods and routines which you can adopt and these routines will compensate for your exercise needs perfectly.

In most of the fitness articles, you will read that you have to adjust your schedule and add some gym training time in your routine but this is simply not possible when you are a single parent, an office manager, a responsible citizen, a caring friend. All of these rolls need time and people often fine 24 hours a day very less to fulfill all of these responsibilities and in most of the cases, fitness is the only thing which suffers.

Include Sports in Your Routine

This is most basic and important thing that if you cannot find time for exercise routine then, you can make sports as your routine and find someone in your neighbors who like some sports. Even if you have some teen ager kids then, you can play with them. Sports like basketball, baseball and other similar sports are best natural work out which can keep you very fit and active.

Take Your Kids to Walk

This is another very important and easy thing to do that you can take your kids on walk. This will allow you to free your muscles as well as will keep your kids active and fit. Most of the kids, who see their parents not working out, often fell into same habit. This walking exercise will make your kids even more active and fit and if you think that your kids are too slow for you then, you can add some jumping and some running in that walk to make it little harder and more reasonable for you.

Get Into Some House Routine

It is maybe tough for you to find time to exercise but weekends are always free and if you get yourself into some house work like vacuuming, mopping and sweeping then, all of such works are very healthy way to work out and they can burn so many extra calories of yours. Most of the men are shy of these works but there is no shyness in them because when your partner can do them then why not you. This also makes the relationship more proper and happier.

Take Stairs Instead of Elevator

There is lot of debate going on about taking the stair and not elevators. Some doctors suggest this good idea but for people who have got any kind of back problem, this idea is not applicable. For people who are healthy and have no back problem, they should always go with stairs instead of lift because it enables you to burn some extra calories.

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