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Introduction ……………………….. 3
Benefits of Solar Power ……… 6
Solar Power Technology …… 11
Solar Energy Products ……… 24
World’s Top Solar Companies …….. 27
Why Invest in Solar Energy Companies ……. 31

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For decades, solar power is only identified as the conversion of energy from the sun’s light to electricity. While this is an accurate definition, most people do not know that the energy harvested must first be converted to electrical energy to be able to produce generally functional electricity. The conversion is made possible through the photovoltaic or PV, a method that uses semiconductors to convert the sun’s radiation to electrical energy.

Components of a Simple Solar Power System

Solar or photovoltaic cells

The assembly of semiconductors and electronics or solar cells is enclosed in a photovoltaic module, more commonly known as a solar panel. Several solar panels are called solar panel array.


A solar panel collects and generates energy from the sun’s radiation. PV panels convert this energy to direct current electricity, a current that is produced by batteries. Although connecting a DC load directly to the solar panel is possible, batteries play an important role to a properly working photovoltaic system.

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