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Solar Power Info 3
Facts on Solar Power 6
Solar Power and Global Warming 8
Solar Power and its Uses 9
Solar Power in the U.S. 10
Solar Energy – To Supply the Needed Power 12
The Advantages of Using Solar Power for Homes 13
Solar Power– A Must for Homes 15
Solar Power for Homes and its Benefits 16
Solar Power for Homes: Things to Consider 18
Solar Power for Homes – Not Just For Rich People 19
The Cost of Solar Power Installation 21
What to Expect from Solar Power for Homes 22
Common Solar Power Systems for Homes 23
How to Install a Solar Power System for Homes 24
Solar Panels – Power for Homes 26
Solar Power or the Use of Generators 27
Solar Power for Camping Trips 28
Wind and Solar Power 29

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Solar Power Info

Perhaps everyone knows what solar power is. For many years, solar power has been used but because of the inefficiency of the gadgets being used, it can’t be utilized to its fullest potential. Researchers and scientists are continuously making improvements so that even ordinary people can now use solar power for their homes and for businesses. If you’re looking for solar power info, you’ve come to the right place. To understand solar power better, you must know some of its components. Firstly, take a look at photoelectric or photovoltaic cells. These cells are responsible for converting the sun’s rays into electricity. The solar panel contains photovoltaic cells that produce the needed energy. With a square meter of the solar panel, you can already generate enough electricity to light a 100w light bulb.

Solar power can heat water in your homes as well. You will simply install glass panels on the roof and that’s heat. A solar power thermal system can benefit you a lot by decreasing your monthly electric bills.
Are you familiar with solar furnaces? It makes use of mirrors to capture sunlight and provides high temperatures.

When using solar power, you need to know its good points and bad points. Solar energy can help in reducing pollution and waste. You will no longer depend on fuels for energy and the best feature of all is that it is totally free (that is, once you’ve installed a solar power system). Small villages that are located far from conventional energy sources can surely benefit from solar power. In sunny countries, solar power can be used to the fullest but since resources are limited, very few are able to enjoy its benefits.

Solar power is renewable and it can be used for different purposes. Examples are solar calculators, garden lights and fountains, and battery chargers. As long as the sun shines in the morning, you will get a renewable source of energy.

The problem faced by researchers today is that many places don’t get enough sunlight all throughout the year. The solar power devices can work more effectively in places where the sun is brightly shining. Some places don’t enjoy too much sunlight and this is where solar power becomes unreliable. A very good example is United Kingdom. In the UK, solar power can only be used in low=powered or small devices. In the US particularly in California, solar power is used by many homes and establishments. The Los Angeles area gets a lot of sunshine and because of this it’s much easier to generate solar energy.

California’s goal is to increase the use of solar power consumption to 10% in the coming years. The use of solar power is being enhanced year after year with the advancements in technology. Scientists and researchers are discovering new ways to use solar power to the fullest. Several years ago, using solar power was rather expensive but today, you can already enjoy its benefits for as low as $200. The solar power systems kits are very affordable and you can use them to light your garden and other outdoor lights. If you can expand the system, you will soon be able to use it indoors.

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