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Table of Contents

What is Social Media? 6
So what is social media? 6
So how big is social media? … 6
Social Media by Characteristics . 6
5 Basic Forms of Social Media … 6
1. Social Networks . 6
2. Forums … 6
3. Blogs… 7
4. Content Communities 7
5. Microblogging 7
Social Media and the Distribution of Information . 7
How Social Media Networks Work 7
MySpace 7
Facebook 7
LinkedIn . 8
Social Media Marketing . 8
How to Create Activity With Social Media . 8
1. Process … 8
2. Assistance .. 8
3. Connect .. 8
4. Contribute .. 9
5. Position Yourself 9
6. Blog 9
7. Links … 9
8. Videos 9
9. RSS Feeds … 9
10. Micro Communities . 9
The Best Media Resources to Get Started With 9
Facebook 9
Reach Your Target Market . 9
Strengthen Relationships . 10
Control Your Budget 10
Step by Step Guide to Marketing Using Facebook Ads 10
The Facebook Toolbar . 11
Twitter . 11
Suggestions for Using Twitter for Marketing … 11
A Step-by-Step Guide to Using Twitter for Marketing . 12
Twitter Tools 12
Secondlife (3D) 13
Fostering Community .. 13
Embracing the Fantastic .. 14
Leveraging Metaverse Brands . 14
YouTube … 14
Customize Your Channel .. 14
Curate Content 14
Original Content .. 15
Get Found 15
34 ways to use YouTube for Your Business . 15
Marketing and Advertising .. 15
Expertise and Leadership . 15
Customer Service . 16
StumbleUpon … 16
How to Market for Free on StumbleUpon … 16
Tips for Paid Advertising on StumbleUpon .. 16
StumbleUpon Facts .. 16
StumbleUpon Approaches That Work . 16
1. Get-Noticed Approach . 16
2. Brand-Your-Image Approach … 17
3. Brand-Your Name Approach 17
4. Build a Fan Club Approach. .. 17
5. Build-Social-Friendship Approach 17
6. Do-Your-Homework Approach 17
LinkedIn … 17
How LinkedIn Can Help You Market 17
Boost Your Search Engine Optimization .. 17
Promote Your Blog Feed .. 18
Create LinkedIn Ad Campaigns 18
Utilize Events to Engage Clients … 18
Using Groups to Connect With People 18
Get Recommendations to Attract More Clients .. 18 18
Networking .. 18
Brand Yourself With … 19
Create Focused Content .. 19
5 Social Media Tips for Ecommerce Marketing … 19
1. Go Where You’ll Find Your Customers 19
2. Use Social Media to Promote Exclusive Offers 20
3. Monitor What Your Competitors Are Doing 20
4. Don’t Just Promote Products/Services 20
5. Sell Products Through Social Networks … 20
Understanding the Playing Field of Social Media Marketing … 20
The Proper Building Blocks .. 21
Democratized Social News Sites .. 21
Social Sites … 21
Editor Controlled News Sites … 21
Micro-Blogging Sites 21
Social Bookmarking Sites . 21
Wiki Sites . 21
Social Question & Answer Sites … 21
Social Content Sharing Sites 21
Niche Sites … 21
Blueprints. 22
Background Research .. 22
Brainstorming .. 22
Idea Research .. 22
Story Production .. 22
Schedule and Launch … 22
Build a Foundation … 22
Network and be Social . 22
Be Genuine and On Target .. 22
Provide Value … 23
Allow People to Act Naturally .. 23
Listen and Respond .. 23
The Wrong Way to Use Social Media Marketing . 23
The 5 S’s of Social Media Marketing For Your Business .. 23
1. Share 23
2. Support 23
3. Social 24
4. Strategy 24
5. Sales . 24
Understanding Your Audience . 24
Create a Profile 24
What to Look For . 25
How to Build Your Social Media Profile … 25
Ten Commandments to Understanding Social Media . 25
Commandments #1. Thou Shall Blog Like Crazy .. 25
Commandments #2. Thou Shall Blog Like Crazy .. 26
Commandments #3. Thou Shall Upload Lots of Photos .. 26
Commandments 4. Thou Shall Podcast Often . 26
Commandments 5. Thou Shall Upload all the Videos You Can Find. … 26
Commandments #6. Thou Shall Immediately Set Alerts . 26
Commandments 7. Thou Shall Get Connected With Everyone. .. 26
Commandments 8. Thou Shall Comment on a Multitude of Blogs. 26
Commandments 9. Thou Shall Explore Social Media For a Minimum Of 30 Minutes Per Week 27
Commandments 10. Thou Shall be Creative. .. 27
Conclusion … 27

Sample Content Preview


Of the many social network sites LinkedIn is the one most use to build professional contacts and grow a business. It has received some disapproval for being too closed to the public and for the fees it charges for some of its services, but it is also the second most popular social network site, next to Facebook.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing, is often referred to as SMM. It is a type of internet marketing that focuses on branding to create product and brand recognition, and creating marketing strategies using the various social media networks that are available. Social media describes the activities that occur including photos, videos, content, and social interaction.

It’s easy to get so excited over the technology and the internet that sometimes we fail to plan or create the necessary roadmap for your online business to be successful. Social media is a powerful tool that can aid your business in reaching their highest goals.

• Increased traffic to your page • Conversion to a sale • Sales tracking • Page exposure • Increasing brand awareness • Business development

How to Create Activity With Social Media

The internet lets you interact with web surfers and you can create and promote your content by using the right strategy. You can reach targeted traffic and key influencers with social media. Let’s look at some important tips that can help you get a better understanding of social media marketing.

1. Process

Don’t become a follower trying to keep up with every idea that comes along. Instead set your goals and establish your own processes, such as keyword research or content analysis, then map out your plan. Far too many companies will move too fast before they’ve ever put a plan in place. If you don’t put a plan into place you are not going to see any good results.

2. Assistance

When it comes to social media helping others is key to success. People fail with their social media marketing because they are too about “me,” and not enough about “them.” Always remember that this should be about those who are visiting your social media marketing page not about you. 3. Connect

You can reach out to those who are influencers in the marketplace. You’ll be surprised how brand advocates can help you in your niche. Remember to always be polite and sincere.

4. Contribute

You need to create content that is of the highest quality. As important as social media is, content remains the most important aspect of your online business and marketing campaign. There are a number of opportunities waiting for you.

5. Position Yourself

To create a powerful connection to your brand and your company, learn how to position yourself amongst consumer passion.

6. Blog

A blog is so easy to set up and it is one of the most powerful social media tools out there. As more and more people discover their value they a beginning to grow at an astronomical rate.

7. Links

Don’t be afraid of linking. Linking to other websites and blogs can be a powerful tool for you to build a targeted audience. Search engines are built on links. Learn how to use them to your advantage to drive traffic to your website.

8. Videos

Video is one of the fastest growing sectors of the internet. You have the potential to reach millions when you use video correctly. For a wider distribution there are other tools that you can use such as to aid in automating distribution of your videos. You’ll draw the most viewers with videos that are funny, weird, and controversial in nature.

9. RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are an excellent way to spread the word. You can easily distribute update notices, headlines, and content change. People like to be kept in the loop and know what’s going on. Subscribing to an RSS feed allows them to do that. There are all kinds of RSS feeds that people subscribe to including My Yahoo Web and iGoogle, as well as many others. Make sure you take advantage of what an RSS feed can do for you.

10. Micro Communities

There are all kinds of micro communities that pertain to your business. In fact, there’s a micro community for almost every interest. For example,,,, etc. If you want to have your voice heard micro communities are a much better option than trying to get noticed on one of the large communities such as Create relevant remarks that are link worthy and don’t forget to connect with the top influencers online.

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