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How to Build Your Email List Using Contests on Facebook … 3
How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads and Increase Your ROI …………….. 3
How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads …………….. 4
How to Succeed Marketing on Twitter …………… 6
How You Can Have an Awesome Marketing Campaign ……. 7
How You Can Have Your Own Awesome Hashtag Marketing Campaign …………….. 7
How You Can Make the Most Out of Your Social Media …… 8
Use Dark Posts to Hide Facebook Ads ……………. 9
Making the Most Out of Your Social Media …… 10
How Teenagers View Social Media . 10
Get More Out of Your Facebook Marketing Using Facebook Graph Search ………. 12
Facebook Messenger App Voice-To-Text Feature Being Tested ………. 12
6 Tips to Increase Your Social Media Marketing Success … 13
Maximize Your Pinterest Marketing …………….. 14
4 Things You Should Do With Social Media …… 15
Social Media Marketing Tips You Should Learn This Week 16
Tips You Need to Know . 17
Top Tricks You Need to be Using in Social Media …………… 18
5 Things You Should Be Doing With Your Social Media …… 19

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How to Build Your Email List Using Contests on Facebook

Do you want to increase your email subscribers? Do you currently run Facebook contests? If you answered yes – good for you, because contests are a great way to capture email leads.

#1: Find Your Niche and Feed It

If you have a niche business, hold on to it. Take the time to come up with a contest your fans will like. For example, let’s say your niche is owners of shar pei puppies and dogs, you could run a photo contest where fans upload their pet pictures and choose the cutest puppy picture. The voting is done by fans. The photo with the most votes wins a prize and one voter wins a prize too. This works well because the prizes are meaningful to the winner. You win by capturing their email addresses because both entrees and voters have to opt in.

#2 Offer Multiple Prizes

If you offer multiple prizes, more people are more likely to enter because they are more likely to win. Make entry easy – name, email and phone number or address (people will part with their address easier than their phone number). Make sure you brand your contest well and let the entries flow and the promotion go viral on Facebook. Asking for their email by opting in grows your email list.

#3 Offer Community Support

A local businesses can take advantage of an opportunity to offer a contest for a local event. For example, an entry into a draw for an upcoming concert or sporting event. Lots of fans will want to enter. The catch is they need to opt in and provide their email address and share the contest on Facebook – you build your email list. If you run an online business, you can still use this technique by offering something in your niche. For example, if you sell marketing tools, then offer to draw for your course.

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