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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Top benefits of social networking dating
Chapter 2:
Social networking vs online dating sites
Chapter 3:
How the dating game works in twitter
Chapter 4:
Getting dates using facebook places
Chapter 5:
Find dates through public Facebook events
Chapter 6:
The mobile dating revolution through foursquare

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Chapter 2: Social networking vs online dating sites


There are several very glaring differences in these two seemingly similar platforms; however the distinctions mainly lie in the use and purpose of these sites. For now both the social networking sites and the online dating sites present a very viable option to those using these platforms to further their own personal agenda.

The Differences

Examples of social networking sites would include sites such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook and these ideally provide the individual with access to other people’s postings with the idea of keeping abreast with what in going on in their lives.

Opinions and events are often posted and most people find this sort of connections very fulfilling, enjoyable and interesting. The ability to chat, exchange information, seek opinions and generally just stay connected to a vast amount of people is why most people opt for the social networking sites.

There is no real underlying reason for this connection, and if a romantic liaison is formed then it is considered an added benefit and usually not the original of pressing intention of those participating in the social networking platform.

This is where the similarities start to differ between the sites, as most online dating sites consists of member who are serious in their intentions for signing up at such sites.

These intentions would include the actual exercise of going through the motions of finding and building a relationship with another party, with the eventual intention of making a permanent commitment.

The online dating sites generally provides the avenue for the individual to narrow down the search to a select few and then take the next step to initiate a connection.

The element of privacy is also much more of a consideration when it comes to online dating sites and not a lot of personal information is divulged or featured until connections are made and all parties concerned are ready and willing to divulge more information..

Chapter 3: How the dating game works in twitter


There are several stipulations that would generally be followed to ensure the dating exercise on the twitter platform stays pleasant and non threatening in any way or form.

Though, this is a comparatively fairly new inclusion into the dating avenue, twitter is fast making an impressive option to explore when it comes to online dating possibilities.

The following are some of the features that should be considered when making the decision to explore this particular style of social networking for the purpose of dating:.


The concept of providing lave matcher in less than 140 characters is something that most time restricted individual would be pleased to engage in. this short and often to the point style of communication and alerts is a welcomed introduction. The information placed on the profiles will be sent to the Twitter followers, and those interested can then take the next step themselves and initiate contact.

If there is a private conversation that is designed and intended to stay that way, then the use of direct messaging is encouraged. This is necessary as it would be remembered that all communication done on twitter is privy to everyone else. Thus by using direct messaging the communication is kept private until it is deemed fit to share it with the world.

Building the individual social networking exercise slowly, is also another important feature to remember, as too much activity at the site will then be interpreted as spam and will eventually cause a lot of problems for the users. This sudden influx of Twitter numbers is not advisable and should be avoided at all costs.

To avoid any future possible complications, it would be advisable to first start with making connections on Twitter within a certain radius and not simply go world wide as the sheer demographics can present a challenge to those intending to take the connection to the next level.

Chapter 4: Getting dates using facebook places


Although facebook was initially the ideal way to reconnect with people, friends and family, it is now becoming a compatible way to getting dates online.

Although caution should be exercised as many people would not really respond well to “cold” and “in your face” contact, therefore using the appropriate tools and profile introductions will help to demonstrate the individual’s intentions without too much misconceptions and misinterpretations.

The following are some steps that are recommended, should an individual decide to explore the dating options using the facebook platform:


Using the search bar provided scroll through the information feature based on the location and interests, then choose the profile that most interests the individual. When this is narrowed down to a few ideal choices, then click on the name or photo to preview the complete profile content. Using the common interest as the main element for the connection would give the connection a better chance of achieving some success as the other party would be keener to be linked to like minded people.

In the send message prompt. Type a simple and casual note explaining the interest in the party’s profile content without being too overwhelming and “corny”. Initiate and engage in light conversation styles to ensure the other party responds. Remembering to keep everything light and friendly will help to create the comfortable aura that will encourage a response.

After the initial exchange of about 10 messages, adding the new contact to the friends list. Then the next possible step would be to invite the online new friend to a social activity that is publically located, and ensure the circumstances for the meeting are kept casual and light. However, the initiator should be prepared for the response given, if it is unfavorable at the time, and perhaps make a similar invitation sometime later.

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