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Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Introduction … 3
Become Limitless …… 5
This Book . 6
Chapter 2: The Neuroscience of Intelligence and How it Works …. 8
Neurotransmitters 9
Brain Plasticity ….. 11
Chapter 3: Nootropics …. 14
Do Nootropics Work?. 16
Chapter 4: Nutrition 20
Chapter 5: Brain Training …… 23
Accidental Brain Training .. 24
Chapter 6: Plasticity 26
The Ultimate Way to Enhance Plasticity 27
The Program …. 29
Chapter 7: Working Memory 33
A Different Way to Look at Working Memory ….. 34
Chapter 8: Mindfulness .. 37
Taking it Further .. 38
Controlling Mental State … 40
Chapter 9: Your Plan for the Ultimate Brain Upgrade …. 41

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All this, because he was able to take control of his brain. Because he was able to see patterns that others missed. Because he ‘knew exactly what he had to do’. And because he gained sharper intuition and better cognitive skills.

Now of course this is a fiction and in reality, no such pill exists. Neither can we say with certainty that you would see such a huge impact on your life if you were to increase your brain power alone.

But it’s certainly a believable idea that your life might change that much.

This Book

And what is very exciting is that there really are ways that you can boost your intelligence – albeit to a slightly lesser degree. There really are ways you can bring about tangible, measurable improvements in your life by focussing on ways to increase your IQ and your focus.

In this book, you’re going to learn precisely how to do that. You’re going to see how you can increase your intelligence and focus to a profound degree, how you can become sharper, how you can learn faster and how you can even improve your ‘social IQ’. By the time you’re finished, you’ll know how to train your brain in just the same way that you would normally train your body. And the results will be incredible.

The Power of Working FAST

Before we move on, I want to address just one more topic: the power of working FAST.

If you have greater concentration and if you can think more quickly, then you can work faster. This is something I’ve been training for from a young age and it’s something that I genuinely believe helped me to perform very well indeed throughout college and into my career as an adult.

In college, the ability to work fast is what allowed me to effectively complete more work than all my peers and that way to get better grades – without really trying. I’d routinely leave my work until the last minute and then complete an essay of acceptable quality, thereby giving myself much more free time. In exams, I’d write twice as much as most people and when coupled with a realization of what examiners were looking for (most will mark papers very much by referring to a checklist of things you need to complete) that meant that I could get better grades than perhaps I could have otherwise.

When I left college, I became a copywriter and started taking jobs for other people. I quickly realized that there was a lot of work out there, but only if you were willing to work for $2 or less per 100 words. My solution? Work incredibly quickly. By writing 20,000 words a day, I was on a very good salary right away – I was able to move out of my parents’ house and get a flat with a balcony by the sea.

With training, I learned to write faster and faster. I eventually bought myself enough time to start doing other things in the second half of the day – things like creating an app that went on to become a bestseller and eventually writing a novel. I create a YouTube channel that quickly gained tens of thousands of followers – all because I was able to upload highly produced videos quickly.

This is clear evidence of how being able to harness the power of your brain can lead to better results in real life. This is all stuff that I trained myself to be able to do. And with the help of this book, you’ll be able to do the exact same.

Chapter 2: The Neuroscience of Intelligence and How it Works

Let’s start out by looking at the neuroscience of intelligence and precisely how you can go about increasing it from a theoretical standpoint.

So, welcome to your brain. Here, you have a massive interconnected web of neurons which we collectively refer to as your ‘connectome’. Think of this like the world’s largest mind map, except that it is made from billions of connections.

Each of these neurons represents an experience, an action, a memory or a ‘qualia’.

So, for instance, you have your visual cortex (V1) which contains all the neurons responsible for your sight. If you were to open up the back of your skull and stimulate those neurons individually using an electrode (this has actually be tested by the way), then you would see points of light appear in your vision corresponding to the specific neuron!

Likewise, if you were to stimulate neurons in the motor cortex, then this would cause your arm or leg to move, or it might make you feel a sensation on your ear. Other neurons have different jobs. For instance, there are those that have the role of storing memories. These light up when we recall things that happened to us in the past. Others might make us feel happy or sad. Others might represent aspects of our personality, or our ideas.

These are grouped into clusters in the brain or brain regions, which is why brain damage can end up knocking out very specific abilities or altering our personalities. And at any given time, multiple brain areas will be active, representing the way in which your brain is being used. So you might have activity in your visual cortex because you are processing the things around you, but you might also have activity in your hippocampus relating to memories associated with the things you’re seeing and you might have activity in your prefrontal cortex as you make plans as to what you are about to do.


The neurons are connected via long tales and branches called axons and dendrites. They don’t actually come into physical contact with one another, but rather they come very close to touching and leave just a very slight gap called the synapse. When one neuron fires, it causes all of the surrounding neurons to become more excited. And when neurons pass a certain excitement ‘threshold’, then they fire too.

So, in other words, you might see a duck and this might register as a representation of a duck in your mind’s eye. That causes a certain pattern of neurons to fire and those ‘action potentials’ (the technical term for these electrical charges) will then travel down the axons to related concepts that are ‘connected’. These include the likes of memories you might have about ducks, opinions about ducks, duck facts, Donald Duck etc.

But only when enough activity surrounds your ‘Donal Duck’ cluster of neurons will those actually light up and only then will you experience a memory or a thought of the character.

Neurons can become excited but they really only have two states: on or off. What’s less binary though, is the signal that they send and receive. And this is where neurotransmitters come in.

Neurotransmitters are chemicals that exist in the brain that effectively add color and nuance to the communications happening across our brain. These act like hormones in that they are able to change our mood and change the way we feel about something. The difference is that they have a much shorter lifespan and that they act on the brain specifically.

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