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Table of Contents

Introduction ….. ….. ….. ….. 3
Chapter 1: What Is A Sales Funnel? ….. ….. …….. 4
Chapter 2: What Is Internet Commerce? ….. ….. . 4
Chapter 3: What Can I sell? ….. ….. … 5
Chapter 4: ClickBank ….. ….. …. 6
Chapter 5: Drop Shipping ….. ….. …… 7
Chapter 6: Affiliate Marketing ….. ….. …….. 8
Chapter 7: The Link Between Your Product, Keywords & Qualified Prospects ….. 9
Chapter 8: The Front End And The Back End Of The Sales Funnel … 10
Chapter 9: How To Optimize A Sales Funnel For Success ….. …. 11
Chapter 10: The Key To Sales Funnel Planning Success ….. …… 12
Chapter 11: Putting Theory Into Practice….. …. 13
Chapter 12: Content Marketing ….. ….. …. 14
Chapter 13: Article Marketing ….. ….. …… 15
Chapter 14: Google Adwords ….. ….. ……. 16
Chapter 15: Offline Marketing ….. ….. …… 17
Chapter 16: Blogging ….. ….. .. 17
Chapter 17: Social Media….. ….. ….. 18
Chapter 18: Auto-responder – Email ….. ….. …… 19
Chapter 19: Joint Ventures ….. ….. … 20
Chapter 20: Measuring Your Success ….. ….. …. 21
Chapter 21: Top Clickbank Sales Funnel Products ….. ……. 22

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Chapter 2: What Is Internet Commerce?

The idea of internet commerce is about going online to complete business better and faster. It is all

about giving clients controlled use of your pc systems and allowing them to serve themselves. It’s about making your organization commit to a significant on-line effort and integrating your website with the essence of your business. Should you do this, you will notice results!

The web is a feasible alternative to all of the conventional ways of conducting business. Can’t meet in person? Send an e-mail with a photograph attached. When it’s time for the customer to purchase the merchandise, make use of a secured server for charge card and, sometimes even, digital cash payments! The opportunities and situations through which internet business can be done are limitless.

In the wonderful world of internet commerce, the area where you conduct business are Websites. Most businesses exist already offline. Adding an internet site represents a way to improve their business. For Online start-ups, the website may be the only place they conduct business.

To do business, additionally, you need a method to accept orders and action payment. In a store, clients simply discover the products and services they need, enter a queue at the till and pay the shop clerk. In internet commerce, orders need to be placed and items shipped. Orders are often handled through interactive, internet-based forms.

Clients in a store pay by cash, check or credit / debit cards. Online clients can’t pay by check or cash, only through electronic means. Internet commerce transactions have to occur through secure electronic connections and special merchant portals for processing payment.

Delivery fulfilment, in the wonderful world of internet commerce, is harder than in conventional stores, requiring shipping and transportation much like catalogue and mail order companies.

In both regular commerce and internet commerce, you need to locate a method to attract clients to you. This is epitomized by your online marketing strategy.
On the internet, one simple way to do this is via Google Adwords, where you research keywords related to your site that attract significant numbers of monthly searches. Google will then rank your site higher in their listings when a user enters that keyword into a search and you pay Google a certain amount for every click you receive.

You can also market your site by writing articles related to it and posting these (with a link back to your site in your bio) on well-known article directory sites like These sites are free and usually rank well in the search engines.

Chapter 3: What Can I sell?

Everyone who sets up an internet business has to address the question: What should I sell? And just about everyone appears to incur 2 classic errors at first:

They sell what everybody else is trying to sell: electronics, designer clothing and DVD’s. What they find is a marketplace already saturated with these products and the suppliers usually don’t work in small quantities. To create any profit at all, they’d need to buy huge quantities.

They sell what they know and love. Regrettably, unless there’s a significant demand for what they know and love, they will be stuck with lots of product they are able to appreciate but can not move.

The following ‘hotspots’ could keep you connected with what individuals are buying, what things are up-and-coming and what things are declining in popularity. If your opinions all originate from a couple of places, you are limiting your-self so expand your thinking. You may consider taking a look at one of these simple hotspots for inspiration:

Newspapers. You will get a concept of what’s on the minds of consumers simply by reading the life-style section, the business pages or taking a look at the adverts the big stores are putting out.

Consumer Publications. You will find countless magazines based around specialised products and services, specific hobbies and special interest markets. They have been a good resource for building niche products.

Shopping Arcades / Bricks-and-mortar stores. Communicate with the salespeople, discover what is being sold. You may also source your suppliers off the boxes. Obtain the wholesaler’s name, ring them and get the name of their local distributor in your town.

Trend-spotting sites, such as, and

The entertainment industry, films and television fuel product trends. Knowing what’s being released in the movie industry, you can begin sourcing related products and services prior to the trend beginning. maintains a list of movies that are going to be released in the coming year. So, if you are aware now that particular movies are going to be released, you can begin stocking up on related products prior to them becoming expensive, like Superman, Batman, Star Wars and Curious George.

It’s wise to own a notebook for product sourcing, be it a hand-held note book or a PDA, to record your thoughts when they come to you. Ninety percent of the ideas you don’t jot down can get lost. When you are visiting these hot-spots for ideas, if you notice hundreds of ideas for products to market, you will not have the ability to recall all of those. You need to write them down in your product sourcing notebook, then return to them and begin researching.

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