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Table of Contents

Intro ….. 4
The Basic Idea …. 5
Getting Started … 6
Step 1: The Basic Plugin ….. 6
Step 2: Your Adsense Ad Code … 7
Step 3: The Social Locker Plugin 7
Downloading And Configuring The Plugin …. 7
Adding Incentives To The Plugin …. 9
Creating Your Social Lockers . 11
Step 4: Uploading Your Giveaway Products .. 15
Step 5: Getting Your Ad Exchange Codes …. 15
Setting Up The Ads . 17
Step 1: Installing the AdRotate Plugin … 17
Step 2: Creating Ad Groups ….. 18
Step 3: Adding Ad Codes … 19
Step 4: Adding Social Lockers .. 24
Step 5: Adding Your Adsense Ad …. 25
Adding Everything To The WP Post Profit Maximizer Plugin . 26
Extra: Promote Your Tweets . 28
More Ideas . 29
Extra Traffic Tools … 30

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If you have a blog (or a website), the most important thing is traffic.

Without traffic, every effort you make is practically useless. If you’re spending your precious time writing blog posts, you want your content to be seen. Preferably by as many people as possible.

I won’t lie to you: this report won’t show you how to get thousands of visitors overnight. I wish it would, but unfortunately I haven’t discovered the secret to that myself.

All I can do is show you how I managed to triple my traffic by using a couple of very simple tricks. These tricks are so simple, everyone can apply them – even if you are new to blogging.

It’s no rocket science, but it works.

All you need are a few simple tools – most of them are completely free – and a little time to set them up.

Once you get the idea, the possibilities are endless.

I’ll be showing you the basic idea – then it’s up to you. You can take this system and extend it in any way you want. Use your creativity to maximize its potential, and multiply your traffic again and again and again.

The Basic Idea

The basic idea of the system I’ll be showing you is to add certain elements to your blog posts which will increase traffic in various ways.

There are numerous tools and plugins that can do this on its own. I’ve tried many of them; some with more result than others.

Then it struck me: what would happen if I would combine a couple of the tools that I had already tested to turn them into a hands-free traffic generating system. And guess what? It worked.

It took me about an hour to collect everything I needed and set up the entire system, and that was it. Ever since, I’ve seen my blog traffic increase on complete autopilot. No work, no hassle, no worries.

For years I had been struggling to get people to visit my blog. If I had only known the answer was so simple…

The entire system is actually based on one simple plugin that has been around for years and is probably known by every blogger. It automatically adds content to the bottom of every post you make.

Since it allows you to add almost any kind of content, it’s just a matter of making the correct decisions and adding the tools that will bring in a lot of traffic.

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