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Table of Contents

Reflections 3
From The Laptop of Sen Ze 5
The Top 8 Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models
– The Comprehensive Catalog Model 7
– The Killer Sales Letter Model 27
– The Membership Site Model 45
– The Expert Model 55
– The Super Affiliate Model 67
– The eBay Power Seller Model 79
– The InterNetwork Marketing Model 89
– The Packaged Residual Income Model 99
– The Automated Service Model 109
The Other 11 Low-Cost, High-Profit Internet Business Models
– The Paid E-Zine Model 117
– The Virus Model 130
– The Community Model 143
– The Comprehensive Resource Center Model 153
– The Free Functional Tool Model 162
– The Free Tip Of The Day Model 169
– The Directory/Guide Model 178
– The Domain Name Trader Model 187
– The Free/Cheap Software Download Model 197
– The Thank You Page Model 204
Summary & The Matrix
– Internet Business Set Up Activities 214
– Basic Free Internet Marketing Activities 238
– Paid Internet Marketing Activities 239
How To Build Your Own Internet Business Empire! 240
Your Next Step 243
Want Some Free Traffic? 243
Want To Be Featured In This Mini-Encyclopedia? 243
Make Money With This Mini-Encyclopedia! 244

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From The Laptop of Sen Ze


You’re about to enter the fascinating world of Internet Entrepreneurship through this Mini-Encyclopedia which acts as a general guide on mostly current and some past Internet Business Models. So fascinating indeed are they that I gave up practicing as a lawyer (I’m a qualified Barrister-at-Law from Lincoln’s Inn, England) to become an Internet Entrepreneur quite a few years ago.

I intend for you to see what’s on offer out there at a glance so that you can quickly go on your way to start or enhance your own Internet Business or to provide you with the inspiration to create a new one. This manual will save you lots of time and money by providing you with both the general principles as well as the specific steps you’ll need to take to make each one a success. You’ll also find some references to some top resources on some of the Internet Business Models contained here so that you can further excel in them. The past Internet Business Models are included with the hope that they can help spark a new Model in your head either through a twist that you can put on it, or in combination with any of the other established Models.

You’ll discover the essential set up requirements for 19 (yes, nineteen) different, low-cost, high-profit Internet Business Models, their respective General & Specific Marketing tactics, their respective Profit Centers, their respective Users and their respective Pros and Cons. You’ll also discover some of my own insights, having done quite a number of those Internet Business Models myself, or through my having dealt with participants of my Internet Business Mentorship Program or clients of my consultancy services who have created their own money-making Internet Businesses.

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