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Chapter 1: Mine Your Prospect Through Free Seminar

Chapter 2: Increase Exposure With Press Release

Chapter 3: Advertising For Your Coaching Program

Chapter 4: Participating In Trade Shows

Chapter 5: Speaking At Club Events

Chapter 6: Offer Referrer Programs To Your Customers

Chapter 7: Pulling Off A Joint Venture With Other Coach

Chapter 8: Triple Your Sales With Online Advertising

Chapter 9: Successful Email Marketing Campaign

Chapter 10: Increase Conversion Through Online Video Marketing

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Seminars are becoming a very popular way to mine prospects. This strategy usually works well, as this allows the individual the chance to expose the business to the potential client in a non invasive way. The casual setting will encourage the prospect to be more inclined to take the time to listen to what is being presented.

Selling Your Coaching Program

New Approach In Marketing Your Coaching Business

Chapter 1: Mine Your Prospect Through Free Seminar


This new platform of getting the relevant information to the intended target audience is also another way to get those attending the seminar to take away and peruse any of the material presented to them. It is also a great way of getting this material to an even bigger target audience when the said material is passes to others by the prospects. Grab Their Attention

Using this seminar style platform to present convincing and attention grabbing material on the coaching programs will get the initial stage successfully accomplished. Once this stage of imparting information has been achieved, the individual can then take the next step which is to get the prospect more involved in the possibility of making a firm commitment.

Though it is not really necessary to charge a fee for attending such seminars, research has shown that a nominal fee charged would further ensure the commitment of attending the seminar on the part of the prospects. Having paid for the session, the prospect would be more that likely to already have a preexisting interest in the topic, thus the commitment to attend. This is of course a good indicator to the ideal prospect for approaching to draw out a further and more firm commitment from them.

At the seminar, the information provided should be carefully designed, as this could be the only time available to the individual to make an impression on the prospect. Therefore providing material in the form of pamphlets, brochures, CDs and any other supporting material that would be considered added value to attending the seminar should also be included.

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