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Table of Contents

Introduction: Why Self-Confidence Changes Everything .. 5
No, Really . 6
Chapter 1: Defining Confidence 12
The Subtle Difference . 14
Be Kind, Be Yourself … 16
Chapter 2: The Decisive Action-Taker . 20
Overcoming Risk Aversion …. 21
Social Pressure and Diffusion of Responsibility … 24
Chapter 3: Overcoming Social Anxiety – Be Socially Bulletproof . 26
Where Does Social Anxiety Come From? . 27
How to Overcome This 28
A Brief Primer on CBT . 29
Cognitive Restructuring 31
Chapter 4: Social Nootropics 34
Social Nootropics That Work and That Don’t .. 35
Chapter 5: Combating Chronic Low-Esteem 38
Chapter 6: Knowing Your Mission .. 43
Charisma 44
Being in Flow …. 45
Chapter 7: The Confidence of Success …. 47
Rock Solid Confidence in Your Pursuits …. 48
The Law of Attraction .. 49
Chapter 8: Fit, Strong and Stylish .. 51
Style for Men and Women 52
Physique . 54
Chapter 9: The Most Powerful Tool: Meditation 57
How to Get Started With Meditation 58
Chapter 10: Putting it All Together: How to be Magnetic . 60
Conclusion: Confidence Checklist . 62

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Chapter 1: Defining Confidence

So, with that in mind, it’s time that we set out to boost your confidence and start giving you that social edge that will make other people instantly look up to you and treat you with respect.

And the way we start to do that is by better defining the goal and the end point. We can’t reach a destination before we know exactly where it is that we’re going. And so with that in mind… what is confidence? What does it look like?

In the truest sense, confidence is belief in yourself and a lack of anxiety. We’re talking principally about ‘self-confidence’, though of course you can also be ‘confident’ in other things.

Self-confidence has many facets itself too though. Self-confidence means that you are confident in yourself, that you like yourself and that you don’t wish that you could change some fundamental and underlying aspect of yourself.

This is self-esteem, and self-esteem is certainly incorporated into the concept of self-confidence. Self-confidence though more precisely focusses on your confidence in your own actions and decisions. Self confidence requires self-esteem, because self-esteem means that you trust yourself to make good decisions and to do the right thing. That gives you the self-confidence you need to trust in those decisions when you make them and to see them through.

So, let’s imagine a situation. You are among some colleagues at work and there are some very loud characters there. Maybe the CEO is there. Maybe your direct boss is there. Maybe someone you fancy is there.

Everyone is planning on making a decision that you think is the wrong decision. You have a hunch that it could lose the company millions.

And so, you speak up and you course correct. You tell the group that if they go ahead with their plan, they will most certainly end up losing a lot of money.

That is self-confidence. Here, you are confident enough in your decision to speak up and to go against the grain. You are confident enough to confront your boss and someone who has many more resources than you. You are confident enough to put yourself out on a limb and to potentially take the consequences if it comes to that.

And guess what? You just made yourself incredibly sexy to that colleague you fancy. And you caught the attention of your boss and the CEO because you now look like someone who must have a lot of insight and faith in themselves. You are not a yes man or woman. You are someone who is able to take charge.

But someone with a lack of self-confidence will sit quietly. That’s because they will suspect that their idea is wrong. They will worry that if they speak up, they’ll actually influence a decision that will end up badly damaging the company’s finances for that year. You worry that if you speak up, you’ll stutter and you’ll get told to be quiet. Worse, no one will listen to you. And that colleague you fancy will be turned right off of you. And you’ll be fired.

You lack the confidence of your convictions. And so you sit quietly by and miss your opportunity to climb the social ranks.

The Subtle Difference

Okay you think. So that means that all you need to do is to speak up about everything, all the time. Right?

Be confrontational, put yourself out there, contradict people…

Just generally shout loudest and make yourself known right? That will make you someone who is highly extraverted and someone who commands respect and demonstrates that they aren’t shy.


That is not confidence. That is overcompensation. And it is actually one of the biggest mistakes you can make. It comes across as ‘misguided’ confidence.

We all know what an unconfident person looks like. They are the wallflower. They dress to hide their figure, they sit quietly in the corner, they don’t make eye contact when they talk and they agree with whatever you say. They probably got bullied at school, seeing as they stand out as a socially ‘easy target’.

But don’t oversimplify matters. Quite does not mean shy. Quiet does not mean low in confidence.

In fact, some of the most confident people in the world are highly quiet. You know that type too. These are the people who sit quietly on the sidelines observing. They don’t say much, but when they do speak, people listen. They are reserved. Controlled. Confident. Stoic. Nothing ever seems to phase them.

Then you have the opposite: the loud-mouth who isn’t confident, just socially inept. They talk loudly and aren’t shy to speak their mind – but that just comes down to the fact that they don’t pick up on the social cues like eyes-rolling and people awkwardly shuffling away from them.

I remember a guy I went to karate with who would always hold his arm out and make this noise when he punched then look you in the eye as though to say, ‘that’s right, bitch’. He wouldn’t take part in the exercises properly and would often say things like ‘don’t worry, I’ll go easy on you’. Unfortunately, the guy was also about the least coordinated person I’ve ever known. He was not at all physically intimidating and his playing around was just embarrassing and cringe worthy. He had a kind of confidence, but that only came from being completely un-aware of himself and of social cues. He had no idea that people avoided partnering up with him, or that people joked about him behind his back.

Likewise, we’ve all known people in the workplace who challenge everything we say, who talk up for the sake of talking up, and who in short just have ‘little man’ syndrome.

These people are over compensating.

Some people will even confuse aggression and cruelty with confidence. They subscribe to the notion that it is ‘eat or be eaten’. They think they need to put others down, to tease them physically, to shout at them – as that way it won’t happen to them.

You get women who want to make sure every knows just how confident they are, and they do that by wearing the smallest skirts possible, tons of makeup and incredibly low cut tops… all at the same time. Oh, and their clothes are also covered in sequins.

So, you mustn’t shrink away from people and be shy to ever speak up. But you also shouldn’t shout and be loud and try to show off how dominant and alpha you are. So, what the heck are you supposed to do?

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