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Attract Women With Laughter (And Get More Dates Than You Can Handle!)

Whether you’re already a funny person or you don’t have a single funny bone in your body, this report will show you how to be funny and make people around you laugh, enjoy your company more, and even become attracted to you.

It’s actually pretty easy when you learn how. So, let’s jump right in, shall we…?

Why Laughter

When surveyed, most people – especially women – always list “sense of humor” as one of the most important and attractive qualities they’d like their potential mate to have.

Most women love to laugh and they can’t help but be drawn to a guy that can make them laugh.

Moreover, very few guys can really make a woman laugh. Most guys only think they’re funny. Sure, they may be funny to their guy friends, but women will only laugh at their jokes to be polite or to not hurt their feelings.

(You are about to set yourself apart from these ‘clowns’ – with the help of this special report.)

The best public speakers also often open their talks with a joke. Because, when you can get a person to laugh, it opens them up, relaxes them, and gets them in a more receptive mood.

Laughter gets people to have more fun, let down their hair, and just enjoy the moment. Most of their cares, worries and concerns just seem to fade into the background.

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