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1/ Benefits of a Silo Structure?

You’ve probably heard various things related to these 2 concepts:

– Silo Structure – LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)

One cannot be discussed without the other, as actually they represent two faces of the same coin! The problem is that those 2 words are often discussed – and often together, but not usually as a whole concept about site building and site optimization.

So what is a “Silo Structure”?

To explain, perhaps it’s best to look at some examples…

For example, if you have a site covering the “Sailing Boats” niche, you will have keywords and articles relating to this niche – such as sailing boat equipment, sailing boat storage, and so forth.

However, your site is a “standalone” site, meaning it is not linked to any other site you host that would give more information on related niches.

When you get the search engines to index it, they begin to drive traffic to it. In return, your visitors might take some action when they visit the site, (such as subscribe, click on ads, etc.). If your site is tightly targeted and built around some good “niche” keywords, then it will be easily indexed.

Now, imagine if you decide to cover the whole “Boating” industry. Will you simply create a site with some articles and keywords related to boating, or could you try to “structure” your site based on the information your visitor would like to find?

Common sense tells you that you should build your site based on the information your visitor wants to find. For instance, when you’re looking for information on boating using Google, would you type “boat” to find specific information related to “used power boat equipment”?

Of course not! And if a human does not do it, then you can be sure that the search engines are no longer indexing sites like that either! Search engines are using today algorithms which tend to index sites more in the way that humans behave, so that they can return more relevant results.

Now here is the issue. If you have constructed your boating site around a “standalone” structure, then you will never rank highly for “used power boats equipment” – or at least you will have a lower rank than someone who has built a standalone dedicated site for “power boat” in which he will be covering “used equipment” for example.

So, let’s go back to visit our “Silo Structure” and see how it will work with our example. Search engines want to find the best sites, also called “authority” sites. This way, they will return quality results to their visitors. Those visitors being their business model feeders.

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