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Living in rural areas increases your risk of seasonal allergies.

Now that we’ve covered what seasonal allergies are, the main symptoms, and the most common causes, let’s look at some of the ways to relieve them – starting with the spring and summer allergies and moving on to the autumn ones.

Section 1 – Dealing with Spring and Summer Allergies

Fresh cut grass, blooming trees and flowers, and weeds all release pollen, causing seasonal allergies in millions of people every year. The medical term for hay fever and seasonal allergies is allergic rhinitis.

Allergic rhinitis can strike anyone, at any age. Some children have it and then outgrow it. Others might experience ever-worsening symptoms as they get older. Some people might get it for the first time as adults.

Others might move to a different part of the country or the world, and suddenly start experiencing seasonal allergies. Likewise, some people might move in the hopes that their allergies will go away. (This is not usually likely, however, because allergens are everywhere, and can also travel far.)

For example, Arizona used to be a popular place for allergy and asthma sufferers to move to. However, many people moving there in the last 40 years or so has meant them introducing plants that can trigger allergies.

Every plant releases pollen, but people only usually react to one or two plants. As mentioned, mold is a common allergy as well, and can affect people both outdoors and in their own homes. Mold season lasts for all but the coldest months of the year, so anything sufferers can do to avoid mold and keep down mold in their homes can help offer relief.

The Dangers of Allergies

There are a number of dangers related to allergies. Left untreated, seasonal allergy symptoms can drag people down and even spur asthma attacks. Approximately 80% of those with asthma also suffer from seasonal allergies. Treating hay fever symptoms promptly can reduce asthma–related emergencies and trips to the hospital.

Allergy-induced asthma attacks, also referred to as allergic asthma, typically present as wheezing, shortness of breath, chest tightness, difficulty breathing, and sometimes blueness around the lips. If you or someone in your family is not getting help from their inhaler, this should be treated as a medical emergency.

Other Respiratory Issues

People with compromised immune systems, such as HIV/AIDS or those who have had a transplant, often have lung issues that can be worsened by season allergies such as hay fever. Those who suffer from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and other respiratory conditions need to manage their seasonal allergy symptoms to prevent further complications.

A Challenge Every Season

Someone suffering from seasonal allergies faces the same challenges season after season and year after year. Some years will be worse than others depending on weather conditions in the winter and then spring and summer.

In damp conditions, mold will proliferate. In windy conditions, pollen of all kind will blow far and wide, including in your windows, doors and cars. There’s really no escape.

But you can do your best to fight allergies on a number of fronts. Here are several suggestions on how to deal with your hay fever, tree pollen and grass allergies.

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