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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Goal Basics
Chapter 2:
Stop Fantasizing
Chapter 3:
Start Committing
Chapter 4:
Start Starting
Chapter 5:
Visualize Process Not Outcome
Chapter 6:
Avoid the “What-The-Hell” Effect
Chapter 7:
Shifting Focus
Chapter 8:
Forget the Goal, What’s the Aim?
Chapter 9:
Know When to Stop
Chapter 10:
Benefits of Meeting a Goal
Wrapping Up

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Sometimes, it seems that you are living in a world of fantasy. Entertainment is the way people use in order to fantasize and escape from the happenings in the real world. Fortunately, some gain gratification from this form of entertainment.

Let us know about the reason behind this act of fantasizing and the implications that they bring about. Someone needs to have an unbelievably responsive mind so he will be able to observe that he is always eliminating or adding something, which is the act constantly fantasizing.

This act of fantasizing every now and then can lead to a corrupt mind which is always in a clash and unruly. Whenever you fantasize something, there can be a great chance that you are going to lust after it. Thus, it is pushing you to do inappropriate activities.

Living in a world of fantasy will not let you have a chance to see the real world as it is. If you will be analyzing it more, you will know that your fear and greed is responsible. These two factors are habitually the reasons behind the way most people react about life.

It is important to know what the causes of such greediness and fear are. If you know on how to see something in an entire face, you will know how to attack that conflict correctly.

Fantasizing results in that someone having certain expectations. It provides continuity to your occurrences of pain and pleasure. You will realize that something which happens because of fantasizing is not worthy at all.

So stop fantasizing now and start achieving the real goal that you have in this real world for the real satisfaction lying ahead of you.



Being a goal-oriented individual will help you a lot in achieving the goals that you want in life. This term has been given much importance during the old times but later has been losing its significance to the people of this society. In this book, you are to know about the main purposes of being a goal-oriented individual and of goal achievement. This may not let you organize yourself in a better way, but will surely help you attain true success and changes in life.

The term goal is defined by a state which you want to achieve together with a difference that you have been aiming for. And in order to achieve such goals, you need to do necessary decisions and actions. Reaching your goals is significant since undergoing the process will give you much experiences and learning which will transform you into a better person. Such transformation will open quarters for improvement which will later pave to success.

In addition to that, one more advantage as a goal-oriented person is that you will obtain an excellent capability of thinking in longer time. It is very evident that people are looking in life with short terms only, often leading to big obstructions that they encounter as they make developments within their existence. On the other hand, the goal-oriented individuals are usually long terms and practice doing things as early as their schedules will let them because they believe that time will come and this activity will give them advantages.

It is a fact that not everyone can be flexible enough to be goal-oriented ones. It will not be easy for you in the beginning to decide on whether which goals you are going to give yourself since you will be obliged to take long and strong efforts to reach them. While reaching these goals of yours, you will just realize it that you have been a better individual and have been learned many things which you can apply all throughout your life.

Before reaching your desired goals in life, setting them up first will help you have a long term view of existence. It lets you concentrate and focus more on the long tenure objectives as it gives you the chance to think on how your present actions will affect your life in the near future. The things that you are doing nowadays in order to develop yourself will surely determine who you will be and what kind of life are you going to have in the future. This is something that you should acquire as you go along with the process of attaining your goals and people must have an apparent mind set about goal-obtaining.

Now that you know something about the goal achievement and its big significance in one’s life, it is the time for you to start planning and improving your life by the abilities and vast power which you will obtain as you go through goal attaining. Start practicing to be a good goal-oriented person.

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