Savvy Salesmanship: Master The Art Of Selling Ice To Eskimos With The Greatest Sales Techniques In The Universe Plr Ebook

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1:
Who Are the Eskimos?

Chapter 2:
Selling Ice to the Eskimos

Chapter 3:
How to Sell Ice to the Eskimos

Chapter 4:
Convincing Eskimos to Buy Ice

Chapter 5:
Secrets on How to Sell Ice to the Eskimos

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Chapter 1:

Who Are the Eskimos?


In this chapter, you will be exposed to information on who the Eskimos are and their way of life. You will also learn how they come to be and where they live.

– Learning about the Eskimo will be of great help to you as a sales person. This is because you will get to know the kind of people you will be dealing with.

– Learning on the geographical location of Eskimos and their way of life will equip you with skills on how you are going to convince them buy ice. These are people who live on a very cold climate. Will you manage to sell them ice? Find the answers to this question in this eBook.

The Basics

Who Are The Eskimos?
Eskimo is an American word meaning ‘eater of raw meat’. Eskimos are people whose origin is thought to be from northern parts of Asia. They migrated from this place to the north of America in the modern day Alaska. They then dispatched into various parts of this continent. In the modern day they live in four areas:

– The Soviet Union
– Greenland
– The United States (Alaska) and
– Canada.

Eskimos are people who share similar physical characteristics. They are light skinned people who have black hair, dark eyes and a wide face with the cheekbones being high. They use the same language. These are people who live in the cold areas near the Arctic Circle. These are people who have weathered the cold storms to survive. This is a very challenging climate that only the fittest will survive.

What is the lifestyle of Eskimos?
In order to full understand how the Eskimos survive, it is good to learn their way of life in terms of food, shelter, clothing etc.

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