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{To avoid getting stuck in a traffic jam and losing gas through excessive braking, you can wake up early enough to beat the traffic. Making a conscious effort to beat traffic congestion helps you save more gas. If you do find yourself in a traffic jam in spite of your efforts, be patient and put off your engine to save gas.|According to the department of energy, each time you drive over 60mph, you lose 25 cents per gallon of gas on every five miles. As surprising as it seems, sticking to the legal driving limit enables you to save gas. When it comes to road rules, obedience can help you save gas and increase your car’s mileage.|Gas caps are a vital part of a car’s constitution that are often taken for granted by car drivers. The department of energy reveals that seventeen percent of cars that are on the road have ill fitting gas caps. A poorly fitted gas cap can cost you gas loss and sabotage your attempts to save gas.}

{If you are male, you may think that weaving in and out of traffic makes you look like James Bond to the ladies; but in actual fact, you are putting on a show for a great deal of gas consumption. Erratic driving on the road leads to a loss of gas because of the tendency for you to jackrabbit. Leave all the tire tearing antics on the road to stuntsmen and save gas by driving at a more sedate pace.|You can save an average of 23% on gas if you drive within the speed limits. When you use your overdrive gears in climbing hills on the road, you save gas. One road habit that wastes gas more than others is the habit of idling. Try to avoid these and other reckless driving habits and you will save more gas at the end of the day.}

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