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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
Understanding Foreclosure Basics
Chapter 2:
Ways To Save Your House
Chapter 3:
When To Give Up Your House?
Chapter 4:
Battle Against Foreclosure In Court
Chapter 5:
Beware of Foreclosure Scams
Chapter 6:
Reform Your Personal & Business Credit
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: Ways To Save Your House


For everyone owing a home is part of the ideal dream scenario, and no one really expects to lose it because of the inability to service the loans or house mortgages. However of late there have been documented ways and tips on how to avoid having the home reposed.

Some Tips

The following are some of the tips that should be considered in the quest to retain the said property that is about to be foreclosed on:

Approaching the finance house or the bank, where the mortgage was acquired from, to renegotiate the terms of the original mortgage would be well worth the effort. In most cases the lender would appreciate such initiatives taken by the borrower thus the willingness to try and accommodate the request.

If the home in question is found to be too big then the individual should consider downsizing or at least subletting come parts of the house to create a viable income source to help pay towards the mortgage. Renting out the basement or garage space or even rooms would be an option worth exploring. Although it may not be very feasible but for the sake of being able to retain the property the home owner may want to consider actually sharing the home with another family. This may not contribute to an ideal arrangement but it will contribute to helping toward servicing the mortgage.

If there are assets that can be sold for a good amount of money then this also should be explored and if found to be viable it should then be executed at the soonest possible opportunity. This money can then be used to service the mortgage.

Exploring the possibility of getting an outsider to co sponsor the mortgage is also possible. With this sort of help the mortgage payment can continue without interruptions thus allowing the home to remain within the owner’s possession.

Chapter 3:

When To Give Up Your House?


Sometimes when it seems all that the individual is doing is fighting a losing battle, it would be considered a good time to start thinking about selling up and cutting one’s losses. Several reasons contribute to such needs but all the same the decision to sell, if the inevitable decision.

Have A Look

One of the situations that would merit this drastic decision would be when the owner of the property is consistently falling behind in the mortgage payments. There would seem to be no point in trying to hold on to the property from an economic point of view. This is especially so, if the owner is unable to get the lender to redesign the mortgage package to a reduced payment scheme, based on the allowances allocated in the Home Affordable Modifications program. Even when this has been considered and the owner is still probably unable to make the mortgage payments the best recourse action would be to give up the property.

Another instance where a sale would be better that holding on to the property would be when the value of the said property has dropped considerably. This is especially so, when the property has dropped to over 25% of the original sum paid for. When this situation prevails, the owner would have to hold on to the property until it goes up the said 25% just to break even.

There are times when it is possible to actually purchase a house without or comparably without a down payment, and even if this was the case for the home owner, holding on to the property would not be a wise decision to make. The owner would have no equity to being with thus giving up the house would not be so difficult as the losses incurred up the this point would not be much.

Chapter 4:

Battle Against Foreclosure In Court


Losing a property in any way is a nightmare and losing it to a foreclosure is no different. However with new developments it would seem that the home owner does have some options open and recourses available to explore in the quest to battle against the foreclosure exercise in court.

In Court

When the situation seems to point towards a possible foreclosure exercise as being the eminent and very real result of the inability to keep up with the mortgage payments, the decision to act should be seriously considered. The action to act may take the form of personal representation in court to plead out the case and stop the foreclosure exercise from unfolding.

There are several groups and resources that can be tapped into to gain as much information as possible on how to go about personal representation on this issue of foreclosure. This is especially helpful when the owner does not really have the funds to deal with a long and tedious legal wrangle in court.

Helpful information can be acquired of the internet and a good research exercise will help to prepare the owner with all the relevant argumentative points.

Another way of stalling the foreclosure probability is to put the pressure on the government authorities in the area. An example of which can be witnessed in quite a few areas where the foreclosures have resulted in decent and valuable properties being left to be stripped by unscrupulous people.

This is mainly because the lender who initiates the foreclose process where the owner is finally evicted, does not follow through

on maintaining the said property, thus leaving it to the mercy of vandals and others who strip the home bare. Therefore presenting and fighting a case that portrays such negligence may help the owner battle against the fore closure eventuality..

Chapter 5: Beware of Foreclosure Scams


When desperation is the order of the day, a lot of people start grabbing at any and every possibility that present itself in the home of keeping the creditors at bay, and this would also apply to keeping the foreclosure exercise from unfolding.


Some of the seemingly popular forms of assistance, offered to those facing foreclosures are listed below:

Foreclosure scammer systematically study cases where the owner in now at a desperate stage where there seems to be no relief or recourse in sight. This is when the scammers will offer to provide assistance in the form of guarantees to save the said property from undergoing foreclosure for a fee. This fee will supposedly be for the services rendered in getting the lender to abandon the foreclose exercise and seek to negotiate a deal with the owner. In all cases the scammer will claim to have direct access to the lender thus the probability of making good on the promise is perceived as high indeed, to the desperate owner facing foreclosure.

Another popular scam is where certain parties will approach the desperate home owner and encourage the owner to sign documents in exchange for the promise of help. Some of these documents may include the signing over of the deed to the house that the foreclosure exercise is acting upon. For the desperate home owner who is already at wits end, a promise of help through the seemingly simple sighing of documents can be looked upon as a relief of sorts. However should the home owner take up this offer is would actually mean that the owner would have signed away all rights to the property, thus eventually leaving the owner with nothing at all. In some cases the owner may be stuck with still having to clear some outstanding debts incurred through the mortgage taken.

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