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Table Of Contents

01 You Are Not Alone And There Is Hope- 03
02 Why Relationships Turn Sour- 06
03 Individual Problems- 08
04 Couple Problems- 10
05 Outside Influences- 13
06 Solutions To Your Marital Problems- 15
07 Therapy- 18
08 Individual Therapy- 21
09 Couple’s Therapy- 23
10 Individual Solutions- 25
11 Make Time For Yourself- 27
12 Take Up A Hobby- 29
13 Continue Your Education -31
14 Volunteer- 33
15 Exercise- 35
16 Couple Solutions- 37
17 Make Time For Each Other- 40
18 Take Up A Hobby Together- 42
19 Take A Class Together- 44
20 Volunteer Together- 46
21 Exercise Together- 49
22 Keys To A Good Relationship- 51
23 Honest Communication- 53
24 Understanding- 55
25 Think Before You Speak- 57
26 Make Time For Yourselves And Each Other- 59
27 Things To Avoid- 62
28 Losing Your Individuality- 64
29 Projecting Your Problems On to Others- 66
30 Conclusion- 68

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You Are Not Alone And There Is Hope

If you are having trouble with your marriage, you are not alone. Every couple has its ups and downs, some more so than others. These problems could range from simple misunderstandings to larger concerns.

Many issues of marriage are due to personal problems that one or both spouses may be going through (such as losing a parent), more traditional problems between the couple themselves (such as the couple losing touch with each other because they are too busy with children, jobs, and other responsibilities), and sometimes even outside influences (such as money problems due to a lost job). Many times in this modern and complex society, the problems with a person’s marriage is a combination of all three types of problems.

Moreover, marriages change over the years as both you and your spouse evolve. As the years go by, you both will go through your individual ups and downs as well and these individual changes can affect your relationship with each other. These changes are normal and expected in any long term relationship.

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