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Table of Contents

Chapter 1:
If you can, join a group dating
Chapter 2:
You can always bring your friend along
Chapter 3:
Asking lots of questions to your date & observe the response
Chapter 4:
Terminate meeting with a disrespectful or abusive date
Chapter 5:
Background check your date first
Chapter 6:
Stick to the dating rules and strict moral standards
Chapter 7:
Go on a date only in well-lit public places
Chapter 8:
Do not accept a ride home on the first date
Chapter 9:
Don’t get drunk and never leave your drink unattended
Wrapping Up

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Chapter 2: You can always bring your friend along


There are many reasons for this particular option to be exercised when deciding to go on a date. For these reasons, bringing someone along on the date seems to becoming an action that is quite common and for some really necessary.

The following are some of the reasons why most people are choosing to bring someone along for the date as opposed to spending time as simply just a couple:


One of the primary reasons and perhaps the most common one in the past are for the other person to act as a chaperone. However today, this other person would probably play the role of simply being present to deter or lessen the chances of any possible negativity from taking place. Being able to safely judge a person’s character accurately and be extremely comfortable enough to go on a first date alone with that person is becoming increasingly difficult in today’s weird society. Therefore the precaution of taking someone else along on the date many help to keep the security issues taken care of at a minimal yet definite presence.

Taking another person along on a date, will also help both parties be less nervous and take the intense attention of each other. The other party can also be a welcomed addition to the whole exercise especially if there is nervousness and problems with connecting. Communications during the date may also be easier as there is a third opinion and voice to add to the equation.

For some this would present a pleasing option while for other it may present an annoyance instead. Therefore before bringing the other person on the date, it should be mentioned and agreed upon. If both parties are not open to this sort of arrangement, then the date could take a turn for the worst before either party gets the chance to get to know each other.

Chapter 3: Asking lots of questions to your date & observe the response


There are many ways to get to know a person better and one of the more effective ways of doing so would be to ask questions and then observe carefully the reactions to these questions and the answers given.

For most people asking questions is the only way they know how to extact information from the other party on a date. This is especially needed if the other party is rather shy and not willing to divulge any information without suitable prompting.

Therefore having a list of possible questions to ask, to ensure the smooth flowing conversation on the date, will help to create a less tense atmosphere.


Questions are also a great way to help form an opinion of the other person. This opinion is important as it will have some influence over the decision for the second date and other consecutive arrangements. These questions will allow the other party to gauge the answering responses and to observe if they are acceptable to the individual’s own perceptions and ideals in life in general.

If there is an obvious match in many ways, then the relationship would ideally seem to have a future and the next step can be comfortably contemplated and taken. However if the answers seem worrying and incompatible, then a lot of heartache and disappointments can be avoided in the future by not agreeing to a consecutive date.

Asking questions also allows both parties to get to know each other better and this is of course the general reason for the first date. The getting to know stage is very delicate and all caution should be exercised when planning out the questions to ask. While wanting to get to know the other person better is the main intention, being too nosy or aggressive with the questions is not a good idea.

Chapter 4: Terminate meeting with a disrespectful or abusive date


Meeting other people can be a really fun experience especially if it is with the intention of building a relationship of any kind.

However some people can be so disrespectful or abusive that even considering spending time with them can usually be a wrong decision to make.

Some of the things to notice and acknowledge immediately will help the individual take the next step to terminate the date effectively, and the following are some way to consider:

Some Tips

Realize that the person cannot be changed and that even investing time and patience is not going to help the individual build this other person into the kind of potential partner he or she seeks.

This will then make it a lot easier the take action and terminate the date. This is very important to note as it will facilitate a clear and concise action on terminating the date.

There should be some guiding terms and conditions, that the individual would be able to expect from the other party and if these do not become evident almost immediately, then there should be an immediate consideration to terminate the date.

Doing this in a firm and non evasive manner would be a better way to get the message across that the individual is not interested in pursuing this particular liaison.

Often time the other abusive party can turn into an even more enraged individual should the thought of breaking up even be mentioned, therefore doing so in a quiet but firm manner and perhaps even with the help of some family members or close friend around is advised. Going at the alone in a quiet and intimate setting would not be advised.

Telling the person that the relationship is now over and then keeping away form the person would help get the message across. Not responding to any form of communication also helps to reinforce the message. In some extreme cases there may be a need to inform the other party of dire consequences should this decision not be accepted.

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