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Chapter 1: Why Not Just Give Up?

Sometimes, it seems that the easiest path that we can take is to give up on our current accounts and move on to something new. Sometimes, yes, this can be more productive. However, if we are already feeling like we have hit rock bottom, giving up is the worst possible thing that you can do. Instead of telling yourself that there is no reason for you to keep trying, try and remember that there are many reasons for you to pick yourself up off the ground and move on toward your greater purpose.

There are many reasons not to give up. There are so many opportunities waiting for us, if we are only open to the possibility of seeking them out. Nobody wants to find out that they have been sitting inside and sulking when if they had just stepped outside for a moment, they would’ve realized there was a great parade full of opportunities walking down their street. If you are willing to resign yourself to the possibility that your options are limitless, it is much more difficult to stay on the ground when you fall and find yourself struggling.

Giving up is never truly an option. All of us are capable of so many great things. But what we have to do is learn how to believe in ourselves and give ourselves everything that we could ever possibly needto succeed emotionally and mentally before we will ever be able to go about it.

There are times when it would be much wiser to try to find a different path. There are times when it is smart to evaluate your progress honestly and decide whether or not it is time to take a different route. You can always be flexible in the way you approach your goals, but if something isn’t working and it continues not to work, it is better not to dwell. That is the only time when it is acceptable to give up. But you are not giving up entirely. You are just giving up on a particular plan of action that was not helping you to achieve the things you needed to achieve.

What is important most of all is to know that you matter and you are capable of doing great things, even if you encountered challenges and obstacles in the past. You have to fully believe in yourself. Never let yourself believe for one second that you aren’t capable of getting yourself up off the ground. Reading Rising from the Ashes will give you the tools and resources that you need so that you no longer fall back on the comfortable belief that you aren’t capable of doing anything right, and prepare you for a chance to create your own opportunities and pick yourself up from your bootstraps so that you can succeed.

Chapter 2: Priming Yourself For Success

Let’s face it. If you didn’t want to succeed, you wouldn’t be reading these books. However, you have to remind yourself that this is something that you want to do. You truly need to set aside the mental resources that you need before you will be able to embark upon your journey. If you have struggled in the past with success, that struggle will soon prove to be very valuable. Because, when you struggle, you are learning.

A lot of success depends on your mentality. You have to make sure that you are prepared fully for the possibility of failure and primed for the likelihood of success. You cannot let yourself be convinced that you will never succeed. Instead, begin to focus on the future. See every way that you are making decisions in your life daily that will ultimately become collected into one intention.

For example, if you are busying yourself every day with a stronger team, such as healthy eating and exercise, over time, you will gradually begin to lose weight and feel good about your body. However, if you are making decisions every day to eat fast food and sit around rather than exercise, then ultimately, you are creating a negative future for yourself and your body.

It is very important to remember that the future is in your hands. Every choice that you make now in the present moment can affect you later on. You have to try your hardest to make good and conscientious choices that are going to help you to thrive in the future rather than come back to bite you. Everybody has a vice here or there, but if you are willing to look at yourself objectively and understand that you do not have to be a victim to your own vices and that you do have power and control over what happens to you and your destiny, it is that much easier to prime yourself for success.

This may seem more difficult if you have faced failures in the past. You may feel like there is no point in trying anymore. However, that just proves that there is far more reason to try now than ever. You are on a downward spiral if you find yourself stuck in that way. The only way out of something so defeating is by taking your power back and believing that every choice you make is going to make a difference. Don’t fool yourself into believing that you are stuck. Instead, take your power back into your hands and move forward rather than backward.

Reading Rising from the Ashes will provide you with many ways that you can begin to utilize these methods and take control of your future!

Chapter 3: Picking Yourself Up From Your Bootstaps, Starting Now!

It can be very discouraging to go through life with a specific hope for the future and one day realize that you have not been making the progress that you need to make in order to succeed. Sometimes, things happen along the way that drive us away from the path of success, and others, our clan simply wasn’t cut out for making our dreams a reality.

Whatever may have been holding you back, that is in the past. It is an opportunity to learn from strategies that were not successful and regroup into an even more powerful force than before. When you know what doesn’t work, you have a greater understanding of what will work. We don’t learn by doing everything successfully the first time. We learn most when we are unable to make the easy and successfully the first time.

With a greater understanding of your own potential and the value of the opportunities surrounding you, you will be able to truly begin to focus on your future in a way that is productive and meaningful rather than defeating and hopeless. All of us are capable of rising to her greater potential. As long as we have the tools and the mindset, we can become the people that we want to be the most.

And that is exactly what Rising from the Ashes is going to do for you. This book is full of helpful advice and life strategies that can help you when you are at your lowest. All of us have a down time in our lives. We are never always on top. Up and downs are to be expected of any person at any time. However, when you do not have the tools and strategies that you need in order to deal with these setbacks and difficulties, that is when things become problematic.

Fortunately, anybody can begin to utilize their full potential and overcome the obstacles that are standing in their way. All you have to do is believe that it is possible and pursue the knowledge that you need in order to get over your slump and turn your dreams into a reality!

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