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Feel free to give this e-book to anyone you feel might find it useful.

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Thank you for taking the time to read “Referral Marketing Success.” You have taken one of THE most important steps towards getting more referrals for your business.

Just by reading this e-book, you are going to be WAY AHEAD 99% of businesses that you compete against regardless of the industry you’re in.

What you are about to learn is a culmination of 25 years of creating, testing and implementing hundreds of lead generation and referral marketing programs in over 30 countries around the world.

By following the recommendations contained in this e-book, your referrals are going to significantly increase and so will your sales.

Referrals Are The Lifeblood of Any Business

Every small business owner knows that referrals are the best way to get customers. Referrals from current customers come to predisposed to do business with you because a friend or someone they trust referred them.

In fact, over 40% of the small business owners who recently participated in a recent internet poll revealed that referrals brought them the biggest returns over other traditional marketing methods such as advertising, direct mail and networking.

When 30% to 50% of your business comes through your referrals, your business becomes self-sustaining allowing you to work on expanding your product line and service offerings and other value-added efforts.

The reason referrals are so powerful is because they come from a credible third-party that has experienced first hand the benefits of doing business with you. They are even more powerful when they come from a friend because you know that a friend has no ulterior motivations but to do what’s in your best interest. You can believe what you friend is saying versus hearing a commercial or from a salesperson whose sole purpose is to make money from you.

Referrals are also valuable because most of the time they are completely free. How would you like to receive the benefits of the most compelling sales advertisement on earth for absolutely nothing? You can through referrals.

Lastly, and I think this is the most powerful reason of all. Customers that give referrals become more loyal to you and your business. Once someone stands up and makes a public statement about “something” they will become twice as committed to that “something.” If you can get your customers to go on record endorsing your products, store or services, psychologically they will become more loyal to you and your business.

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